About Product:

This cartridge works with DCP-8110DN / DCP-8150DN / DCP-8155DN / DCP-8250DN / HL-5440D / HL-5450DN / HL-5450DNT / HL-5470DW / HL-5470DWT / HL-6180DW / HL-6180DWT / MFC-8510DN / MFC-8520DN / MFC-8710DW / MFC-8810DW / MFC-8910DW / MFC-8950DW / MFC-8950DWT and yields up to 3,000 pages.

Brother toner cartridges are designed to work perfectly with our printers, giving you excellent results and value for money.



More about this product...

Ensure your Brother printer continues to deliver the exceptional results you’ve come to expect by choosing a TN-3390 Toner Cartridge. Designed to last much longer than a standard cartridge, this high yield ink goes further without any loss of quality.

Though there may be cheaper replacement alternatives available elsewhere online, only a genuine TN-3390 Toner Cartridge guarantees that your machine will continue to perform as quickly and efficiently as it should.

Remember that using Brother cartridges is the only way to ensure that your printer continues to work at its very best and that any warranty you hold remains valid too.

So, order the TN-3390 Toner Cartridge in Black from Brother today to ensure you get better value for money over time.

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