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Customised labels

Tailor-made for your specific labelling needs.

Do you need a label with special measurements for a project or a more permanent labelling solution? Then we can help you.

Tailor-made labels can be ordered in many different sizes, colors, and formats, so you get exactly what you need. If you need any help or want to know more, we are "at your side", and will help you find the labelling solution that meets your specific needs.

Upon your request we will investigate the options of producing the specific label - and the cost. The latter will depend on volume and specifications.

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Get customised labels for:

Shipping labels

Shipping & Logistics

Brother has different types of labels, even customisable labels for the Shipping & Logistics industry.

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Special Labelling

Brother can customise and deliver special labels for your needs regardless of industry.

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Brother's signage labels have a wide range of uses for different industries.

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Label roll

A new label in a new format

There is great demand for labels in special formats, and we have taken note of this, listened to the customers’ wishes and a new label will be able to meet more of their current labelling needs. It will be included in our regular range.

The label roll, LDS1N192100113N, measures 100mm x 192mm and contains of 350 labels per label roll. It is an uncoated die-cut white label roll, which meet the requirements of professional freight labels. Therefore, LDS1N192100113N is particularly useful as a freight label. However, it can also be used in logistics, retail, healthcare and other industries, where the labels can be used to display logos, barcodes or other important information.

Cannot be bought individually as it is delivered in packages of 18.