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Print full colour labels from your computer, smartphone or tablet

The revolutionary new Brother full colour label printer produces crisp full colour labels from your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

  • Incredibly compact with whisper quiet printing
  • No ink required, the label rolls contain embedded special crystals that change colour when heated
  • Print from your PC or Mac using the free P-touch Editor label design software
  • Or for more creative options, print from your smartphone or tablet using the free Color Label Editor 2 app
  • Includes USB and Wi-Fi connectivity

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Full colour labels

Full-colour label printing

Design and print full colour labels without ink. The label roll simply changes colour when printed.

  • Special colour crystals are embedded directly in the label
  • These change to the required colour when you print
  • No need to buy separate ink cartridges
  • Does not smudge even immediately after printing
  • Transport the printer around with confidence - no ink mean no leaks

Print in five widths

Continuous rolls are 5 metres long and available in various widths to suit your labelling requirements such as:

  • 9mm for identification of file folder contents and filing cabinet suspension
  • 12mm for marking document wallets and shelves with their contents
  • 19mm for archive files, small signage and 
  • 25mm for marking larger tems such as lever arch files, and the contents of storage boxes
  • 50mm for clear signage, staff and visitor badges, and for use in crafting projects

VC-500W label printer and laptop

Design and print labels from your computer

Use the free P-touch Editor label design software to easily create labels from a computer via USB or Wi-Fi.

  • Available for PC and Mac
  • Use your favourite fonts from the ones installed on your computer
  • Hundreds of built-in clip art and symbols to include on your labels
  • Preview your label before printing

VC-500 label printer

Cleanly-cut labels, every time

Give your labels a professional finish with the handy built-in cutter.

  • Simply cut with a swipe of your finger along the touchpad on top of the printer
  • No need to use scissors
  • Ensures a clean-cut every time
  • Lets you choose the length of label you want 

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creating photo albums and making ideas for parties

Living on a budget doing bodyscrub and a holiday scrapbook

Signe Helena prints photos for albums of memories

Astrid Olsen is cleaning her apartment

Christina "Acie" Egholm is doing projects for a child's room, doing upcycling of jam jars and explaining how to use the VC-500W on her blog

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Spausdinimas iš telefono naudojant programėlę

Print from your smarphone or tablet with the free new app

Print full colour labels on demand from your phone or tablet using the free app.
Download the new Brother Color Label Editor 2 app below.

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