The city of Akaa enhances work with paperless office

Electronic sharing of information, such as scanning documents, is very important support function for the city of Akaa. It was important for them to find a smooth document management solution between their different offices. A customised scanning solution with a fixed monthly fee dramatically increased the flow of information between their multiple locations. 

"Brother´s devices are very easy to use, especially when customised to our own needs."
IT Manager Asko Mäkinen, the City of Akaa, Finland.

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Elbkinder Centres

Brother's MPS solution combined with professional inkjet printers optimised the working day of the day care centres in Germany.

"The controls are simple, self-explanatory and fun to use," says Kevin Einig, administrative representative for the Schwebengrund day care center.

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Man in truck


Brother’s mobile print and scan solutions are ideal for the logistics and transport sector, saving time and increasing productivity through the use of mobile printers, such as the PJ-763MFi, and portable scanners, such as the ADS-1600W.

“In our company we needed to have a special partner for printing and scanning inside the truck cabin. We didn’t know that this could be solved in such a simple way, but thanks to Brother we have proven that combining the experience and relying on a company that knows your needs, everything is possible. Brother’s mobile printer and scanner offering allows us to save on productivity and costs while increasing the satisfaction of our employees and customers.” - Antonio Higueras Cruz, president of VIAPORT.

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With several thousand stocked goods in two major warehouses in Denmark and Sweden, Despec required a comprehensive label solution that was easier and faster to work with than the latest one and one that could handle barcodes. They chose a label solution from Brothe with a P-touch label printer and extra strong adhesive TZe tape.

"It works - and it lasts," says Thomas Harboe Hald, General Manager, Information Systems & Marketing, Despec.


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Optimised labelling solutions for opticians

The labelling of glasses is a necessity for easy identification and to note price information, as well as information about product codes, in order to have all the data and information to hand at any time.

To address these needs, Brother’s QL label printers were the solution of choice by Martínez-Lorca optical center in Madrid.

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P-touch E550WVP

Fountains & Features

Fountains and Features,  a bespoke design, installation and maintenance business specialising in the creation of stunning water features set in public realm spaces, were looking for a flexible, on-demand solution to labelling - and found it.

"The E550W is a complete game changer for our business. Using the app on my smartphone I can print the warning label I need straight from a template. It means an end to lugging roll of cumbersome pre-printed tape to site - instead there's one device that litereally does it all "on demand". The P-touch E550W represents both sheer convenience and compliance for our buisness. It's labelling made as practical as we could wish for on our projects," says Andrew Turner, Site Engineer, Fountains and Features.

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Richard Lowe

P-touch E550WVP

Self-employed electrician, Richard Lowe says the P-touch E550WVP has become an essential piece of kit for hos business. He chose the P-touch's flagship industrial labeller to help improve his efficiency.

"The P-touch E550WVP is a neat machine. Print quality is excellent and I can produce really clear, durable labels using the laminated TZe tapes. It makes it easy to comply with industry regulations and has become an essential part of my kit," says electrician Richard Lowe.

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A German travel agency group has streamlined document printing across 500 sites with the mono laser printer Brother HL-L6400DW.

"This new approach to printing enables us not only to best support our employees in their daily work, but also to shape all print activity across the organisation into something altogether more cost-effective and transparant," Sasha Karbginski, Head of IT at DER concludes.

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Fjernvarme Fyn

At District Heating Funen (Fjernvarme Fyn) in Odense DK, Brother's small RJ-3050 mobile label and receipt printers play an important role in keeping track of the consumption meters located at the heating customers' site.

"It is very important that we can identify every meter that is being replaced. The meters are part of a spot check batch, and. therefore, require speical handling and visible identification with a lot number. We carefully researched the market, and only Brother's printers could live up our expectations."
Lars Rasmussen, Team Manager of the Meter Department at District Heating Funen

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Kovsted & Skovgaard

The accountancy firm Kovsted & Skovgård located in Aarhus DK has assigned Brother a central role in the company's digital transformation.

"Brother scanners are easy to use, and they are actually faster than we expected. Once people get used to the routine of scanning documents, completed forms and letters instead of storing them in binders as in the old days, there is, evidentially, time to save."
René Ferrer Ruiz, Partner of Kovsted & Skovgård.

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Case Study-Enevold

Enevold Revision

Accountancy firm has switched to digital review using scanners and multifunction printers from Brother.

“I have many small businesses as clients. Often craftsmen that spend too much of their time on administration and troublesome working procedures. They can get so much more out of their lives if they rationalised the way I have done“
Carsten Enevold, Enevold Revision.

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Case Study_Tilitoimisto Karppinen

Accounting Company Tilitoimisto A.Karppinen

Accounting company Tilitoimisto A.Karppinen Oy simplified their print management

Accounting companies still need to print a lot and therefore simplified print management can save up time and resources. It is paramount for the smooth work flow that there are always cartridges available when needed so that important documents can be printed whenever needed. Brother Purchase & Click gave us piece of mind and good print management.

Tapani Mäkinen, IT manager, certified accountant
Tilitoimisto A.Karppinen Oy, Oulu, Finland

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Case Study-Sport Car Center

Sport Car Center

Sports Car Center optimised its tyre hotel management with Brother’s car tyre labelling solution.

“I’d recommend Brother’s label printer solutions to all car dealers, tyre hotels and tyre service businesses.”
Petter Kallinen, foreman at Sports Car Center Espoo

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Case Study-Europcar


Brother printers are working non-stop at Denmark's largest car rental agency.

"Reliability, reliability, reliability. That is a key word to us"
Anders Thaarup, IT Coordinator at Europcar's Danish office.

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Case Study - GKN


Inkjet HL-S7000DN - Fast printouts that withstand moisture and oily fingers.

”Brother printers have a very solid construction. They are fast and reliable, and at the same time, the purchase price was fair.”
Tommy Holm, GKN Wheels.

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Case Study-Lithuania police

Lithuania’s police

Lithuania’s police uses Brother PocketJets for printing out fines and reports while being on the road.

“Our work has become more efficient. We can now print important papers quickly, and we
can print in all conditions including extreme weather."
Algirdas Stončaitis, Deputy Police Commissioner General at the Lithuanian police at Vilnius

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ercall wood college picture of building brother

Ercall Wood Technology College

"Brother MPS really helps us to manage our print costs, We can see how much we spend on print in each department, on mono and colour printing – we can even predict expenditure... "

Matthew Cooke, IT Technician, Ercall Wood Technology College

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Helsby High School children walking Brother

Helsby High School

"The main driver for this project was to reduce our spiralling printer costs. By standardising to Brother printers, we’ve been able to halve the printers on site, considerably reducing our total cost of ownership with few printers to run, and fewer consumables"

Steve Ford, Strategic ICT Manager, Helsby High School

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Day Lewis Pharmacy Logo Brother

Day Lewis Pharmacy

"Brother planned, delivered ad installed 380 new printers in record time, trained our staff and supported us throughout this major business change"

Colin Kendrick, Head of IT, Day Lewis Pharmacy

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Hillary's Blinds Logo Brother

Hillary's Blinds

"85% of our group turnover is generated through the mobile solution and it has revolutionised how we do business"

Julian Bond, Head of ICT Hillary’s Blinds Ltd. 

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PJT Co Logo Brother


"Office space and archiving customer files is a constant challenge for us, like most accountancy firms. Brother’s affordable desktop and mobile scanners have transformed the way we work"

Sunil Parekh, Director, PJT and Co Chartered Accountants

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Dakro - Brother - PJ-623

Dakro Environmental Ltd

"It has improved our customer experience, helped to make us more efficient and reduced costs along the way"

Antonio Solimena, IT Manager, Dakro Environmental Ltd

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