Imerco got a reliable and resource-saving MPS solution from Brother

Imerco needed a new printing solution for its stores and wanted to reduce the cost of consumables. Brother helped Imerco identify the most suitable printers, the HL-L6450DW and MFC-L6950DW, and initiate an MPS agreement with automatic ordering and delivery of consumables.

"The new Brother printer is awesome!!! Oh wow, I didn't think I would be SO HAPPY about a new printer."

Store Manager at Imerco

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Label printer with output

Brother helped Edox find a efficient label solution

The wholesale company Edox needed an efficient and robust label solution for the warehouse, so Brother helped them find a solution with a TJ label printer.

"The collaboration with Brother gave us an opportunity to identify our needs very quickly and find a solution that could reduce the number of label printers that took up space at the warehouse."

Nicholas Rapenne, Director, Edox

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Specs display and woman

Atol is very happy with the solution that Brother provided for labelling spectacle frames

Brother has assisted ATOL, a French chain of opticians, in finding a label solution that suits their specific needs.

Legislation requires that each spectacle frame has its own label, and these labels need to be robust so that the barcodes remain legible. Brother therefore came up with a custom label solution with a TD-4D label printer and consumables that suited their needs perfectly.

“We don't want to spend time on labels, so the real success is when we don't think about them”.

Sophie LeBlanc, Manager of Atol's shop in the town of Antony

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Giga-Katsastus Oy trusts Brother’s MPS service and no-stress extended warranties

Finnish company Giga-Katsastus Oy trusts Brother MPS service to give their staff more time to focus on serving their customers.

Giga-Katsastus Oy’s MPS service includes two HL-6450DW mono laser printers as well as a wireless MFC-L9570CDWT all-in-one high capacity colour laser printer.

The MPS service ensures that products are always delivered to the client in good time, based on the client’s needs, and directly to the inspection centre.

"We can focus on our work without having to worry about whether the equipment functions and needing to spend time on sourcing supplies. I would absolutely choose Brother’s products again."

Esa Lappalainen, Giga-Katsastus Oy

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Brother is providing an effective, pofessional solution for printing shipping labels to Imerco’s retail stores

Imerco picked the TD-4520DN for the new initiative that they’re rolling out – on-site printing of shipping labels in their stores. The requirements for this solution called for a stable, rugged design, user-friendliness and easy integration with existing systems.

“Brother’s service is an important factor. The pathway from requirements specification to a finished solution has been short and effective.”

Jacob Hansen, Imerco IT Operations Manager

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Battaglio print identification labels for pallets with fruit and vegetables using TJ label printers

Battaglio is an Italian company importing and distributing fruit and vegetables and they handle nearly 60 million kilos of products per year. Fruit and vegetables have limited shelf life and therefore it is important to handle the goods correct in the warehouse to avoid rotting.

"TJ label printer are used in order to print identification labels that are stuck on the fruit pallets. These are used to guarantee product management within the warehouse.”

Marco Rosati, Fruit Quality Manager, Battaglio S.p.A

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Brother helps Ticketbutler to deliver name badge printing at their events

A labelling solution in the form of a Brother QL-810W label printer, combined with proprietary software, enabled Ticketbutler to print name badges quickly at the entrance to TechBBQ, thus avoiding long queues for guests.

“At the TechBBQ event, we were able to print in excess of 1,000 name badges on 8 name badge printers in under half an hour, and we actually ended up printing more than 3,000 over the course of the day. Ticketbutler was tasked with supplying name badges for the event – to more than 4,500 attendees, over two days.”

Mads Kjer, Founder of Ticketbutler

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Skovby Synshal

MPS solution and new printers for Skovby Synshal

The combination of an MPS agreement and a SWAPplus Service Pack has meant lower costs, greater efficiency and time savings for Skovby Synshal. The financial benefit of an MPS solution has proven to be significant as they have saved up to 70% on consumables.

“We have saved a great deal of money on consumables, so the printers have already paid for themselves. It’s simply fantastic – now everything is cheaper and easier,”

Jens Christian Pedersen, owner of Skovby Synshal.

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Labelling system for blood samples for University Hospital Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

““The new printers were extremely straightforward to set up and require zero intervention from our staff - they are so well integrated that they simply produce labels as dictated by the patient record system, giving our people one less thing to think about.”

Andy Hole, clinical systems specialist at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.

View case study - University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Doctor signing paper

New printer incl. MPS solution for Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust

“The cost reductions the MPS agreement has achieved over recent years, although significant, are only part of the story – we’ve freed up a lot of staff time, cut the amount of waste paper we generate and improved the quality of printing across the board.”

Neil Perry, associate director of digital transformation at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust.

View case study - Dartford Gravesham NHS Trust

Portable A4 printing for field sales

To overcome their challenges, Soto Café deployed Brother PJ-762 ultra-portable thermal printers which, being compatible with Android and offering integrated Bluetooth and USB connectivity, allowed printing whenever and wherever needed.

“With the new Brother PJ-762 printer, we have improved print quality and our customer image, something that is essential if we want to survive in a market as competitive as the current one.”

Gloria Vela, Head of Soto Café Administration.

View case study - Soto Café Spain

How the TJ Series is helping production run smoothly at Brother Industries ( U.K. ) Ltd.

Brother’s sister company Brother Industries (U.K.) Ltd were quick to adopt the high performing TJ Series label printer as soon as it was available. TJ is now helping to deliver the labels they rely on for streamlined operations and minimal downtime.

“Using the TJ Series on our factory floor has been a big leap forward for us, and we know we can trust the Brother name.”

Julian Cooper, Technical & Quality Manager, Brother Industries ( U.K. ) Ltd

View case study - Brother Industries UK

Emergency  medical service station in Lithuania

Emergency Medical Service Station in Vilnius

Emergency Medical Service station in Vilnius, Lithuania chose Brother mobile thermal print solution to reduce issues related to laser print maintenance and boost productivity.

The installation of mobile printers with thermal technology in the ambulances speeds up the process of precise patient data recording, allowing an efficient, accurate and streamlined workflow to be maintained.

"The PJ-763 printer helped us to streamline the workflow as it can be powered from a 12V car adapter via a cigarette socket and has Bluetooth connectivity. After providing assistance to a patient, the ambulance staff enter their data into the system, print it out and submit it to the hospital admission department.”

R. Teimurov - Senior IT specialist at the Public Emergency Medical Station, Vilnius.

View case study - EMS, Vilnius

Case Study Herz

Herz Energietechnik GmbH

Herz is an Austrian-based organisation that supplies a full range of renewable energy systems, including wood heating and heat pumps. Their service technicians now use Brother PJ-700 mobile printers which offer direct thermal printing technology.

"Thanks to this mobile solution, our service technicians now print their reports, invoices and test logs easily on site. There is no need for time-consuming document creation. Our customers can immediately view the information on paper printouts."

Ewald Koglmann, Head of Service, Herz Energietechnik GmbH

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Sunset Boulevard

Efficient and compliant food labelling for fast-food chain

Brother’s labelling solution with central device updates made it possible for Sunset Boulevard to ensure accurate and streamlined labelling of ingredients at their restaurants across Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

“Our partnership with Brother has gone well, with regular discussions throughout the project and a high level of service. We’ve come up with the perfect solution that meets our need for fast and precise labelling of ingredients and products.”

Kristina Hansen, Operations Development Consultant at Sunset Boulevard

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Brother supplies food labelling solution for McDonald’s restaurants in Norway

McDonald's preferred solution was the Brother label printer, TD-2130N. A professional label printer with an LCD touch panel display (accessory that needs to be purchased separately). Today, 56 of the restaurants use this label printer from Brother.

“Easy to use and replace paper, simple.”

Caroline Bjerke, Shift Manager at McDonald’s Morenen

View case study - McDonald's, Norway

Woman with a Waiteer bag in front of a building

Brother label printer helps Waiteer with takeaway orders

Wireless label printer solution helps restaurants and cafés to deliver Waiteer takeaway orders quickly and effectively.

“Brother’s QL-820NWB label printer is a practical solution because the Bluetooth connection means that it can easily be moved around as required. It offers reliable operation, is easy to work with and it prints quickly. It is the perfect solution for us.”

Søren Ib Sander, CEO of Waiteer

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Smooth it -smoothie

Smooth it labels its products using Brother's label printer 

Initially, the company’s Smooth it bars were in the middle of food stores. They used the stores’ own fruit scales to print out labels. The operation expanded with a food preparation kitchen, and the company landed new stores as customers. They needed a labelling solution. Smooth it started discussions with various companies. Teemu Kolkka and Sami Kivelä from Brother helped the company to design its label from start to finish: where the contact details, EAN code and contents should be positioned. The labels can be created the day before for the smoothie, raw oat and ginger shot cans.

“The TD-2130N label printer has streamlined our work because we can now date the label the day before, which makes work easier during the morning shift. The evening shift can prepare the labels, which makes work the next day go much faster."

Irina Nurmi, Company Owner, Smooth it

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Two employees from Norengros

Norengros AS

Brother suggested an excellent solution for us, known as MPS – Managed Print Services. A solution that means we avoid spending time on administration as we no longer need to keep printer supplies in stock.

“Cooperation with Brother and the solution from Brother has given us a better printer fleet. They are adapted to our needs, we have the right mix of colour and mono printers, we have an inkjet printer, and we have the resources we need.”

Einar Tønnesen, IT Manager Norengros AS

View case study - Norengros View case video


Brother’s printers help digitise operations at McDonald’s Spain

Since the implementation of the new solution, McDonald’s Spain has recorded two hours saved daily in administrative tasks, a reduction in device and printing costs, improved waste management and improved customer service quality.

"Stopping the use of autonomous printers was a good decision. Nowadays, the entire printing process is integrated into our global operations solution."

Operations IT Lead, McDonald's Spain

View case study - McDonald's, Spain 

Resia entrance_case

Resia Travel Group - customised workflow

Resia Travel Group (RTG) is a leading Nordic player in the sale of holidays and business travels. Resia Travel Group recently planned to update its fleet of printers, and worked with Brother to produce a test environment. The aim was to find a customised printer solution based on RTG’s fundamental requirements.

”The implementation of our new printer fleet went very smoothly. Brother handled the preconfiguration, distribution and installation.” - Niklas Jönrup, Resia Travel Group.

Inside P.M. Olsen

Multiple solutions - one brand

P.M. Olsen has a large customer base and aftermarket and prints a lot on a daily basis, so it’s important for the company to know the price of its printing. This information is easily accessible with the Brother MPS solution. At the same time, it ensures that the car dealership automatically receives printer consumables before it runs out. So not only does P.M. Olsen maintain a better overview of its costs, the company no longer needs to think about purchasing consumables or holding them in stock.

“We chose a single brand overall because we value having long-term relationships. We’ve known Connie at Brother for many years, which is why we chose Brother for our printing and scanning as well as for our tyre labelling solution.”

Tonny Rasmussen, CFO, P.M. Olsen

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Subway - food labelling solutions

The Subway® store situated in Chineham, Basingstoke The Chineham store trialled the Brother TD-2120N label
printer for six weeks, replacing their existing machine. The speed and efficiency at which their staff can complete the day dotting tasks means they have more time to make and serve food to their customers, ultimately improving customer experience.

"As a franchisee, food safety is of paramount importance to my business. A poor rating from our compliance checks, or the Food Standards Agency, can have a devastating effect on my footfall and trade."

Vanessa Mattia, Subway® Chineham, Basingstoke Franchisee

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Case study DG JH Computer Oy

DG JH Computer Oy and Brother - How a reseller and vendor partnership commenced

The IT company, JH Computer, was founded in 2002 in Putaja, in the former municipality of Suodenniemi. JH Computer offers comprehensive computer technology services, from equipment sales to IT servicing and technical support. JH Computer is part of Finland’s largest IT chain, Data Group, and aims to become the Pirkanmaa region’s most important IT player within a few years.

”Brother’s operation is reliable and efficient. Our partnership is a longstanding one and we develop together. The partnership runs smoothly all the way from the partner through to the customer. Brother understands our needs as a retailer, as well as the needs of the customer.”
Jouni Hujo, CEO, entrepreneur, JH Computer Oy – Sastamala & Nokia

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Auto-Suni Oy case study

MPS as solution for improved efficiency and customer service at Auto-Suni Oy

Auto-Suni is a car dealership that first opened in Lappeenranta, Finland, that sells cars and services for five different car companies in four different locations. With Brother’s Managed Print Service (MPS), the printers are always in working order, ready to use. The printers convey real-time information to Brother’s system, making it possible to remedy situations before the user of the equipment is even aware of the problem.

”Here at Auto-Suni we have been using Brother’s MPS solution for 18 months and it has been very reliable. We haven’t needed to order ink once since the start, so we are very pleased with the printing solution from Brother.” Jaakko Kokkola, IT Manager, Auto-Suni Oy, Lappeenranta

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OK Auto Oy_web

O.K. Auto Oy opted for a functioning solution for labelling of tyres

The large number of tyre changes during ahectic summer and winter tyre season presents a challenge for O.K. Auto Oy. The information on the manually labelled tyres could vary and the differing styles of handwriting resulted in uncertainty and extra work. Brother listened to customers' requirements and suggested a label solution for tyre labelling. It can also be connected to the existing Excel database. O.K. Auto Oy has now been using the label printer for two seasons, the summer and winter tyre season, and it has worked well. O.K. Auto Oy recommends the solution to others too.

”Brother’s label printer is a highly economical choice, as we avoid monthly fees and continuous costs”, says Jussi Tuominen, Service Manager, O.K. Auto Oy, Kouvola.

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Snellman relies on mobile print solutions

Truck driver Peter Björk was supposed to change to a newer tablet for this truck. Simultaneously, he suggested the previous mobile printer to be changed as well. Peter reviews context for the changes. IT manager Per-Erik Finell supported it. Brother, for their part, assessed the conveyor chain requirements and presented a solution based on printing receipts directly at trucks. Requirements included that the holder of the mobile printer was able to be attached to the truck’s dashboard, changing rolls needed to be easy, printing speed fast and print quality good.

“We use rugged mobile printers in several trucks. The printers are attached to the dashboard, which increases safety. Changing the roll is now easy and convenient, and print quality is better compared to the previous one”. Peter Björk, Truck driver, Snellman.

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Dalmata Hospitality

Brother’s MFC-L8900CDW was introduced to the chain, a model which has print, scan, copy and fax functionality to cater for the diverse requirements of the hotel industry. The devices were installed with Brother’s Managed Print Service (MPS).

“The Brother device proposed perfectly met our needs, in particular in terms of value for money. The cost and size of the machine were key criteria influencing our choice as we wanted models that were adaptable depending on the capacity of our establishments”. Benoit Guinaudeau, Internal Auditor at Dalmata Hospitality.

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Kalevala Koru - Solution for jewelry marking

Kalevala Koru found a solution to their visually challenging pricing needs with the help of  the Brother PT-D600VP labelling machine. Deliberately thought price tags convey Kalevala Koru´s story and desired association for price.

"It is an intrinsic part of the Finnish mindset that one prefers to have plenty of time to look at the products. Therefore, it is paramount that price tags are informative and clear. Explicit pricing also supports sales personnel’s work and helps improve customer experience, for instance when the store is busy, customers can have a glimpse at the prices before getting served by salespersons”. Tuula Junttila, Store Manager, Esplanadi.
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Case study - Mantsala municipality

Easy and cost-effective printing in the municipality of Mäntsälä

The IT management of the small municipality only has two employees. Printer fleet management caused extra work and costs. IT manager was looking for a service model that would solve the problem.

“We were looking for a smooth way to manage our printer fleet. Brother's Managed Print Service give us the freedom to focus on value-adding work because printers are smarter and require less attention from us". 
Markku Anttila, IT Manager at Mäntsälä Municipality.

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Case Study - Jollyroom

Jollyroom - Innovative solutions

Jollyroom is the largest e-commerce company in the Nordic countries that is selling products for children and babies. With a constantly expanding business, a flexible and scalable solution was required, from which, the workflow can be managed wirelessly. Brother presented a wireless solution based on the traditional paper handling that ends at the arrival of the goods and works together with a digital solution. Thanks to this solution, Jollyroom's warehouse staff can work anywhere.

”We can work in any area, we simply move the workplace to where the goods are” Kaspar Hannerz, Inbound manager, Jollyroom.

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Smart printing at construction site makes work procedure easier

Alasen Rakennus is a Finnish construction company that was looking for solutions to enhance the work procedure and share information in a smarter way at the construction site. The number of printouts was reduced by introducing a Brother A3 color inkjet printer, which supports cloud services.

Blueprints and working instructions are now stored in a cloud service, and printed only on demand. Brother's automatic supply deliveries also help the workers as they only have to focus on their tasks as work is never paused due to empty ink cartridges.

"We are able to focus on our own work, because the printer will take care of itself and order the supplies automatically", says Ville Niinimäki, Work Manager, Alasen Rakennus Ltd.

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The city of Akaa enhances work with paperless office

Electronic sharing of information, such as scanning documents, is very important support function for the city of Akaa. It was important for them to find a smooth document management solution between their different offices. A customised scanning solution with a fixed monthly fee dramatically increased the flow of information between their multiple locations. 

"Brother´s devices are very easy to use, especially when customised to our own needs."
IT Manager Asko Mäkinen, the City of Akaa, Finland.

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Man in truck


Brother’s mobile print and scan solutions are ideal for the logistics and transport sector, saving time and increasing productivity through the use of mobile printers, such as the PJ-763MFi, and portable scanners, such as the ADS-1600W.

“In our company we needed to have a special partner for printing and scanning inside the truck cabin. We didn’t know that this could be solved in such a simple way, but thanks to Brother we have proven that combining the experience and relying on a company that knows your needs, everything is possible. Brother’s mobile printer and scanner offering allows us to save on productivity and costs while increasing the satisfaction of our employees and customers.” - Antonio Higueras Cruz, president of VIAPORT.

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Elbkinder Centres

Brother's MPS solution combined with professional inkjet printers optimised the working day of the day care centres in Germany.

"The controls are simple, self-explanatory and fun to use," says Kevin Einig, administrative representative for the Schwebengrund day care center.

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NDC Oslo

NDC Oslo uses Brother label printers when checking in conference attendees. NDC Oslo is an annual software conference that has more than 2000 attendees checking in at approximately the same time on the opening day. This requires an effective queue behaviour, and the Brother label printers are an important part of this effectiveness. This results in no queues. Watch the video and learn more about how Brother label printers are being used at NDC Oslo.

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Optimised labelling solutions for opticians

The labelling of glasses is a necessity for easy identification and to note price information, as well as information about product codes, in order to have all the data and information to hand at any time.

To address these needs, Brother’s QL label printers were the solution of choice by Martínez-Lorca optical center in Madrid.

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With several thousand stocked goods in two major warehouses in Denmark and Sweden, Despec required a comprehensive label solution that was easier and faster to work with than the latest one and one that could handle barcodes. They chose a label solution from Brothe with a P-touch label printer and extra strong adhesive TZe tape.

"It works - and it lasts," says Thomas Harboe Hald, General Manager, Information Systems & Marketing, Despec.

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P-touch E550WVP

Fountains & Features

Fountains and Features,  a bespoke design, installation and maintenance business specialising in the creation of stunning water features set in public realm spaces, were looking for a flexible, on-demand solution to labelling - and found it.

"The E550W is a complete game changer for our business. Using the app on my smartphone I can print the warning label I need straight from a template. It means an end to lugging roll of cumbersome pre-printed tape to site - instead there's one device that litereally does it all "on demand". The P-touch E550W represents both sheer convenience and compliance for our buisness. It's labelling made as practical as we could wish for on our projects," says Andrew Turner, Site Engineer, Fountains and Features.

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Richard Lowe

P-touch E550WVP

Self-employed electrician, Richard Lowe says the P-touch E550WVP has become an essential piece of kit for hos business. He chose the P-touch's flagship industrial labeller to help improve his efficiency.

"The P-touch E550WVP is a neat machine. Print quality is excellent and I can produce really clear, durable labels using the laminated TZe tapes. It makes it easy to comply with industry regulations and has become an essential part of my kit," says electrician Richard Lowe.

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A German travel agency group has streamlined document printing across 500 sites with the mono laser printer Brother HL-L6400DW.

"This new approach to printing enables us not only to best support our employees in their daily work, but also to shape all print activity across the organisation into something altogether more cost-effective and transparant," Sasha Karbginski, Head of IT at DER concludes.

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Fjernvarme Fyn

At District Heating Funen (Fjernvarme Fyn) in Odense DK, Brother's small RJ-3050 mobile label and receipt printers play an important role in keeping track of the consumption meters located at the heating customers' site.

"It is very important that we can identify every meter that is being replaced. The meters are part of a spot check batch, and. therefore, require speical handling and visible identification with a lot number. We carefully researched the market, and only Brother's printers could live up our expectations."
Lars Rasmussen, Team Manager of the Meter Department at District Heating Funen

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Kovsted & Skovgaard

The accountancy firm Kovsted & Skovgård located in Aarhus DK has assigned Brother a central role in the company's digital transformation.

"Brother scanners are easy to use, and they are actually faster than we expected. Once people get used to the routine of scanning documents, completed forms and letters instead of storing them in binders as in the old days, there is, evidentially, time to save."
René Ferrer Ruiz, Partner of Kovsted & Skovgård.

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Case Study-Enevold

Enevold Revision

Accountancy firm has switched to digital review using scanners and multifunction printers from Brother.

“I have many small businesses as clients. Often craftsmen that spend too much of their time on administration and troublesome working procedures. They can get so much more out of their lives if they rationalised the way I have done“
Carsten Enevold, Enevold Revision.

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Case Study_Tilitoimisto Karppinen

Accounting Company Tilitoimisto A.Karppinen

Accounting company Tilitoimisto A.Karppinen Oy simplified their print management

Accounting companies still need to print a lot and therefore simplified print management can save up time and resources. It is paramount for the smooth work flow that there are always cartridges available when needed so that important documents can be printed whenever needed. Brother Purchase & Click gave us piece of mind and good print management.

Tapani Mäkinen, IT manager, certified accountant
Tilitoimisto A.Karppinen Oy, Oulu, Finland

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Case Study-Sport Car Center

Sport Car Center

Sports Car Center optimised its tyre hotel management with Brother’s car tyre labelling solution.

“I’d recommend Brother’s label printer solutions to all car dealers, tyre hotels and tyre service businesses.”
Petter Kallinen, foreman at Sports Car Center Espoo

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Case Study-Europcar


Brother printers are working non-stop at Denmark's largest car rental agency.

"Reliability, reliability, reliability. That is a key word to us"
Anders Thaarup, IT Coordinator at Europcar's Danish office.

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Case Study - GKN


Inkjet HL-S7000DN - Fast printouts that withstand moisture and oily fingers.

”Brother printers have a very solid construction. They are fast and reliable, and at the same time, the purchase price was fair.”
Tommy Holm, GKN Wheels.

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Case Study-Lithuania police

Lithuania’s police

Lithuania’s police uses Brother PocketJets for printing out fines and reports while being on the road.

“Our work has become more efficient. We can now print important papers quickly, and we
can print in all conditions including extreme weather."
Algirdas Stončaitis, Deputy Police Commissioner General at the Lithuanian police at Vilnius

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ercall wood college picture of building brother

Ercall Wood Technology College

"Brother MPS really helps us to manage our print costs, We can see how much we spend on print in each department, on mono and colour printing – we can even predict expenditure... "

Matthew Cooke, IT Technician, Ercall Wood Technology College

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Helsby High School children walking Brother

Helsby High School

"The main driver for this project was to reduce our spiralling printer costs. By standardising to Brother printers, we’ve been able to halve the printers on site, considerably reducing our total cost of ownership with few printers to run, and fewer consumables"

Steve Ford, Strategic ICT Manager, Helsby High School

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Day Lewis Pharmacy Logo Brother

Day Lewis Pharmacy

"Brother planned, delivered ad installed 380 new printers in record time, trained our staff and supported us throughout this major business change"

Colin Kendrick, Head of IT, Day Lewis Pharmacy

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Hillary's Blinds Logo Brother

Hillary's Blinds

"85% of our group turnover is generated through the mobile solution and it has revolutionised how we do business"

Julian Bond, Head of ICT Hillary’s Blinds Ltd. 

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PJT Co Logo Brother


"Office space and archiving customer files is a constant challenge for us, like most accountancy firms. Brother’s affordable desktop and mobile scanners have transformed the way we work"

Sunil Parekh, Director, PJT and Co Chartered Accountants

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Dakro - Brother - PJ-623

Dakro Environmental Ltd

"It has improved our customer experience, helped to make us more efficient and reduced costs along the way"

Antonio Solimena, IT Manager, Dakro Environmental Ltd

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