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A wide range of Brother thermal printers to meet your labelling needs

Whatever your desktop printer application is, we’re confident there is a Brother desktop label printer for every task.

Our printers are perfect for:

  • Small labelling jobs like printing visitor badges and office folder management
  • Mid volume print applications like printing shipping labels in the warehouse

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 Why choose a Brother desktop printer?

Brother TD-4D desktop label printer with blank label

Range of media sizes

The QL and TD line-up makes it possible to print on various media with widths from 12mm to 118mm.

Brother TD-4T desktop label printer open with hand rolling thermal ribbon

High and low print durability

Direct thermal and thermal transfer printing technologies makes it possible to print the right label for your application.

Brother QL desktop label printer with red and black label

Highlight with colour

The QL-800 series offers the possibility to print labels in red and black to highlight important information.

Brother supplies range photo with ribbons, labels and paper

Customisation to suit you

Brother has a wide range of accessories and a variety of consumables to meet every labelling requirement.

Explore our range of thermal label printers

Brother thermal printers are perfect for a variety of industry applications

All print volumes provided on this page are dependent on label size, application and coverage.

Two colour printing (red and black) is only available when printing on DK-22251 with a QL Series printer.