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Improve your document security with Secure Print Advanced

It’s common in an office to pick-up a printed document and find multiple documents left on a printer, increasing the potential of information getting into the wrong hands. The use of pull printing adds an additional level of protection to your documents.

Secure Print Advanced is a simple and secure pull printing solution, that:

  • Is convenient and simple to use
  • Protects documents
  • Avoids print queues
  • Removes limitations of printers' internal storage

Enquire about Secure Print Advanced

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Use any printer

Print your documents from any printer connected to your network.


Use card or PIN

Simply tap your NFC ID card or enter your PIN to print. The device then unlocks and is ready-to-use.

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Increase efficiency

Simply press print. No need to choose a printer from a long list of options.

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Low maintenance

Of installed fleet with multi device configuration

60-day free trial of Custom Solutions

Pull printing with Secure Print Advanced provides you with:

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Safe and secure environment, only verified users can:

  • Generate print jobs
  • Login at the printer
  • Retrieve print outs

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Simple and flexible with one unique print driver that makes:

  • Printing with a range of Brother printers effortless
  • Easy to train staff and deploy in the office

Colour document on printer, hand holding NFC card

Easy to use and intuitive with less device interaction

  • Compatible with NFC technology
  • Select all or choose from a list of individual print jobs from the device

Secure Print Advanced frequently asked questions

It’s unlike any of the other Brother secure print service, it allows users to authenticate on a nearby Brother printer or MFC device that shares the same network and pull a stored print job based on their physical location.

With the current version Secure Print+ it requires that a PC must be in a one-to-one pairing with the print device, which may not be always convenient for users. In addition to the features of Secure Print +, Secure Print advanced solves that problem of having to find the closest printer from a long list of available printers.

Where Brother is your existing or preferred print option, Brother Secure Print Advanced provides businesses with a simple method to integrate Brother print devices within a pull print printing environment.

No. Your print jobs are held safely on the network folder.

The length of time your data is stored is set to your specific requirements. If your data is left longer than the specified length of time, it is automatically deleted for your security.

Up to 200 users per device can be added. Especially useful in larger sites operating a brother printer fleet.

Brother Secure Print Advanced is available as an option on the following models:

Colour laser printers: DCP-L8410CDW*, HL-L8360CDW**, HL-L9310CDW**, HL-L9310CDWT**, HL-L9430CDN, HL-L9470CDN, MFC-L8690CDW*, MFC-L8900CDW**, MFC-L9570CDW**, MFC-L9570CDWT**, MFC-L9630CDN, MFC-L9670CDN.

Mono laser printers (Require CPJL-codes from Brother with use of external card reader): DCP-L5500DN *, DCP-L6600DW**, HL-L6300DW**, HL-L6300DWT**, HL-L6400DW**, HL-L6400DWT**, MFC-L5700DN*, MFC-L6800DW**, MFC-L6900DW**, MFC-L6800DWT**, MFC-L6900DWT**, HL-L6410DNDCP-L5510DWMFC-L5710DNMFC-L5710DWMFC-L6710DWMFC-L6910DN.

Inkjet printers: MFC-J5945DW**, MFC-J5955DW**, MFC-J6945DW**, MFC-J6947DW**, MFC-J6955DW**, MFC-J6957DW**, HL-J6000DW**, HL-J6010DW**, HL-J6100DW**.

*Only by using PIN-code, no inbuilt NFC-card reader, no rear USB-port for external NFC-card reader.

**Preferred model for this solution, and has an internal NFC card reader (they can also have an external card reader attached to a special USB-host port).

Refer to the embedded web server of your device.

Yes. A dedicated printer driver is installed on the server, you simply choose this option from the drop-down menu when sending a print job.

User printer settings via Embedded web server of a device (EWS), BRAdmin Professional 4.

You can purchase Secure Print Advanced from your local Brother reseller. Alternatively, complete the 'More information' form and a Brother expert will get in touch.

Our free to download activation tool BRAdmin Professional 4 is the best way to activate the features of any purchased services or solutions. To activate the Brother Secure Print Advanced, send a valid license file to the target machine. You'll find more information here.

What does pull printing mean?


Pull printing is a unique way of printing wherever you are in the office.

When a document is sent to print, it’s held on your network. The document is only released when you tap your NFC ID card or enter a PIN number on your choice of printer or multifunction device.


With Secure Print Advanced, you can pull your print job from any printer on your network with peace of mind.



See how Secure Print Advanced can help you?

Want to print securely from a single printer?

Print securely using NFC card from a specific printer.

Secure Print+