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Here's a simple and secure way to activate your license.

Our free to download activation tool BRAdmin Professional 4 (BRAdmin Pro 4) is the simplest way to unlock the following:

Whether you're looking to activate just one solution for one device or have to upgrade an entire office, this is the one piece of software you'll need to quickly do the job. 

Next steps

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1. Download the tool

Using the link below, go to "Downloads" and find your printer/scanner. The next page will list your current operating system. Confirm and continue by clicking "search". You'll find the download link for BR Admin Pro 4 by expanding the device's "Utilities" section to "show all".

register your details icon support page

2. Install and search for devices

Once you have installed BR Admin Pro 4, it will search for compatible machines over your network or USB. From the options, you can select which machines you want to activate.

settings cogs

3. Enter your codes and update

Now just enter the codes you received from your Brother dealer. With your PC connected to the internet and a click of a button, your Brother machines will have your purchased solutions updated and ready to go. 

Management Solution (BRAdmin Professional 4) FAQs

This software allows system administrators deploy and manage their networked/USB connected Brother machine.
Make sure the target machine:
•    Is a supported Brother machine
•    Can be connected via USB or on a network
•    Is correctly set up, connected, and available
•    Has the latest firmware
No. Only the PC running the tool must be connected to the Internet to activate the code.
No personal data is stored during the activation process. Only the model name, serial number, and activation date are recorded in the event of a service call.
If a software solution activation code was registered, it cannot be reused. Contact Brother for a replacement code.
You can check it using the dashboard within BRAdmin Professional 4.
Yes. More than one software solution activation code can be entered using the BRAdmin Professional 4. 
No. Software solution activation codes cannot be used twice. You will then need a replacement code.
No, they do not.

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