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The importance of print security

In the ever-evolving world of security threats, the need for a secure document, device and network print environment is growing.

Sensitive documents and information is regularly printed, and documents left unprotected, waiting to be collected in output trays.

Printers may also store information that can be recalled or intercepted and have the potential to facilitate access to the wider network.

Print security is a critical issue for businesses today

Global market insight and research agency, Quocirca revealed in their Global Print Security Landscape 2020 report that:

Grey circle with 63%

63% of organisations are concerned about print security in the office

Grey circle with Euro1.2m

1.2m is the average cost of a data loss to an organisation

Grey circle with 66%

66% of organisations reported at least one print related data loss in the past 12 months

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Our business devices have security features as standard

With a high-level of document, device and network security, including;

  • Automatic intrusion detection protecting you from unauthorised device access
  • User authentication and authorisation safe guarding you from unauthorised document access
  • Secure communications protocols, encrypts your data providing protection against interception

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