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Brother PA-PR2-001 Platen Roller for TD-4D series

Platen Roller (203dpi) for the TD-4410D and TD-4420DN label printers

The Brother PA-PR2-001 replacement 203dpi platen roller will ensure optimal print quality and printer performance.

The platen roller should be replaced to maintain a smooth and even surface when printing. Easy to install, Brother platen rollers deliver quality and a clean feed for professional label quality. 

Compatible with the TD-4410D & TD-4420DN.

Key features

  • Easy to replace
  • Ensures a smooth and even printing surface
  • Maintain optimal performance of your printer


Pharmacist printing medical labels from the TD-4D series in a medical pharmacy

Professional label printing

Keep your printer free from jams or messy labels by replacing the Brother platen roller. Adds reassurance with every label by maintaining a smooth and even printing surface. Simple to install and easy to use. Keep the consistent performance from your Brother TD-4410D and TD-4420DN label printers.

Compatible label printers