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Informs about allergens
in the lunch

In the canteen at Teknisk Ukeblad, today's tempting lunch has been served by Helt Opplagt på Jobben - labelled with information about allergens. This brings peace of mind to those who eat lunch in the canteen.

In 2014, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) introduced new legislation on food labelling. Food served over the counter, should always be labelled with allergens. This requires good routines in canteens and clear signage. – We keep track of recipes and always know what the food contains, explains Emil Moberg, Canteen Manager at Helt Opplagt på Jobben.

Control of ingredients
– It’s all about good planning.  For us, who run 70 canteens with employees at 70 different locations, it is important to have good control of the ingredients. When the new regulations on new food labelling were introduced, we gathered recipes from all employees, went through the raw materials and made a folder with an overview of all dishes we serve in all the canteens, explains Moberg.

Informs about 14 allergens
Those who sell food that is not prepacked, e.g. over the counter in restaurants, canteens and at catering, are obliged to inform about 14 specific allergens. This regulation on food information helps those who run a canteen to inform about the ingredients that some individuals are allergic to.
◦ Food information must be available to the consumer in writing.
◦ The customers must be able to read the information without asking the staff.
◦ The information may for example be given on the menu, on a sign, on a screen or on a poster.

Labelling creates confidence
The consumer must be able to trust what is written on signs and labels. The possibilities for creative cooking is somewhat limited, especially for lager cafeterias. But proper identification brings peace of mind to the consumers when used correctly. It also increases awareness of the contents of the various food products used.

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Source: Forskrift om matinformasjon til forbrukeren (Mattilsynet, november 2014)

Woman catering



It’s all about good planning.  For us, who run 70 canteens with employees at 70 different locations, it is important to have good control of the ingredients.”

Emil Moberg, Canteen Manager at "Helt Opplagt på jobben"

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