Making personalised ribbons at home

Crafting at home has grown in popularity over the years as a creative outlet to express yourself and create lasting memories.

It can be an inexpensive – and fun way – to do a range of activities, from scrapbooking and bullet journaling to jewellery making and transforming gifts and presents , the possibilities are endless. Here, we will show you how you can make exquisite personalised ribbons from the comfort of your home.

Why make your own personalised ribbons at home?

Making your own ribbons has many advantages; the most obvious being that it can save you money and offers you full control. You get to choose the perfect ribbon size, colour and fabric for your needs. And making them yourself is often much cheaper than buying customised ribbons from a company – you also won’t be subject to any minimum order quantities and end up with a lot more than you need.

Creating something with your own hands can be very satisfying as well. There’s a certain joy in making something unique and having it turn out exactly as you envisioned. It’s also an excellent way to make the most of your time while staying at home.

But how do you do print ribbons at home?

What you will need to make your own personalised ribbons

The materials you need depend on what you are making, but most will require ribbon, paper, tapes or fabric, scissors or other cutting tools, adhesive and some decorative elements. For ribbons, it’s best to buy rolls of ribbon that come in different widths, fabrics and colours.

In addition to something to print on, you may also need;

  • Scissors or a cutting tool such as a rotary cutter to make clean cuts.
  • Adhesive to help stick any pieces together.
  • And any decorative embellishments such as buttons, sequins or rhinestones to add finishing touch.

Creative ideas for making ribbons at home

Making ribbons can be a fun and creative way of customising anything form gifts to homewares. Using your Brother printer you can create patterns, insert small icons or even write text on ribbons to fully customize them to what you are looking for. Take jam jars as an example. Using a simple ribbon, you can name what is in each jar, or add something special to turn an ordinary jar into a special gift.

Hand holding a red printed ribbon tied to a jam jar, on a table with some sliced oranges in the background

Gift wrapping is also more personalised with customised ribbons (which can often be expensive to buy). Using some plain ribbon, you can print the names and small messages to make gifts extra special.

Hand holding black and gold personalised ribbon which is tied to a white box covered in yellow and white confetti

With Brother printers we have a range of patterns to choose from, with a variety of customisation options that include different fonts, frames, emojis and symbols.

Ribbons can also be used to decorate items around your home. For example, you could add a personal touch to table name cards for a special event, all form the comfort of your home.

Table setting with gold cutlery, glasses and white plate with a blur napkin tied with a white printed ribbon

How to print personalised ribbons at home

Printing your ribbons is easy once you have gathered your tools, and have an idea in mind. Simply choose a material to print on. After preparing the layout and design, you can select the properties for your printer before printing. Once you hit the print button, your ribbons will be ready for use.

Before you print your ribbon, it is important to prepare your printer. Make sure that you have inserted the ribbon into the printer. This step is vital to ensure that your ribbon is printed correctly.

And if you are using a Brother printer you can find a lot of useful hints and tips on our website.

Final top tips for making ribbons

Although making ribbons may seem like an easy project, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure your project turns out looking as you envisioned.

  • Before you start cutting the ribbon, measure the size to ensure you cut the right length. It can be helpful to use a ruler or template to make sure you get even size cuts.
  • Make sure to use the right adhesive for the fabric or materials you’re using as different adhesives work better for different materials.
  • Take advantage of online resources such as tutorials or templates to help make your job easier. There is plenty of inspiration over on the Brother Creative Center for you to download for free.
  • When you are done, store your ribbons safely so they won’t get damaged.
  • Take some time to experiment and be creative with your designs. Home printing projects can be a fun and rewarding experience if you are open to exploring different ideas.

So, now you are ready to get started with your own ribbon making from home, but you might be interested to know how Brother can help. Learn more about our range of craft printing products today.

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