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10 creative uses for sticker labels at home

Inventive ideas to bring coloured ribbons, tapes and sticker labels to life.

Do you like crafting? There are some very simple ways to give a unique touch to the objects all around you. You only need three things: an electronic label maker, labels or tapes and a bit of imagination!

Bring Lettering & Scrapbooking to life

Lettering is a creative discipline that consists of drawing letters. It has several applications and has become very popular, especially within bullet journals: a personal organisation system very similar to an agenda, which you can choose how to structure.

On the other hand, scrapbooking is a type of craft that makes direct reference to scrapbooks. It brings together lots of different techniques and there are virtually no rules: anything goes to make your scrapbook a unique piece of art.

Both for bullet journals and scrapbooking, decorative tapes and sticker labels are often used to highlight phrases, create frames and decorate pages. Why not use your premium label maker and ribbons to give it a go?

Personalised photo frames

A handmade gift always has more sentimental value. If you want to give your clients, family, friends or partner something special, why not select your favourite photo and make a personalized frame for them? Our decorative tapes and ribbons with various colours and designs allow you to adapt them to your liking and create unique messages for them.

Wooden frame with lights around it and 8 photos inside that are pegged onto string

Personalised task board

Do you have a blackboard or a cork sheet to distribute the housework? Or just to organise your daily routine? You can use your label maker and the decorative tapes to give a fun touch to the planning - using a different colour for each task or person and even to distinguish where they're up to (starting, in progress or complete).

Re-energise with wind chimes

Wind chimes have always been closely related to Feng Shui, cleansing a room and bringing in new energy. Using decorative ribbons and sticker labels you can personalise them in a very special way by giving each tube the name of a positive feeling or wish so that every time the wind blows and sounds, it transmits it to all the people in the house.

Fridge magnets 

Do you like to have postcards attached to the fridge? Or maybe you like to place reminders or appointments on there. Using magnets and decorative ribbons you can design messages for every occasion.

Baggage identification

Did you know that a suitcase is less likely to be stolen at the airport if it is personalised and has your name on it? In addition, if the luggage is lost, it will be easier to identify and return it to you if it has your details on it.

Decorating personal items

Use your label device and decorative adhesive tapes to personalise and decorate shelves, boxes, or any personal objects and give free reign to your imagination: write motivating phrases, your name or the names of your pets - there are no limits!

You can also turn your laptop or mobile phone into unique pieces: decorate the covers with different colours, designs, poems or anything you like.

Another idea: do you have a lot of keys and sometimes can't remember what each one is for? You can add labels to differentiate them while also giving them a fun touch.

Three boxes on a shelf with yellow sticker labels and pencils sticking out of the middle one

Identifying switches

Are there several switches in the same place in the house that cause confusion? You can use the tapes to mark each switch so you know exactly what each one is for. 

School & camping trips

Label your children's school uniforms, PE kits, stationary, lunchboxes and more, so they can easily identify which is theirs. During camping season, you can do the same with their camping equipment too, using coloured ribbons and special symbols that the kids will love. 

On the other hand, if you are one of the monitors, you can create bracelets or personalised labels for the children with their name and a symbol that differentiates them by groups. This makes it easier for you to divide them into teams for activities and games, and you won't forget their names.

Open pink lunchbox with an apple and a banana inside and a green sticker label on top

Give the personal touch to your products

If you have a store or an online shop, why not add that little extra? In addition to gift wrapping your products, you can use ribbons to put the name of the person the gift is for and to add that extra wow factor.

As you can see, you can use an electronic label maker to do a number of different types of crafts, from personalising materials to organising them, and all sorts inbetween. With a little imagination, the crafting options are endless.

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