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Extended warranties

Extended warranties

At Brother we always aim to be "at your side" and provide the best customer support. We support this by providing extended warranty on many machines. The guarantee is divided in three groups. One for devices in the Personal series, one for devices in the Professional series and one for the P-touch- QL- and TD devices. 

The condition for obtaining this extended warranties is that the machine is registered within 60 days of purchase. 
We also provide free telephone support throughout the full life of the machine. 

Read more about the warranties and on-site SWAP service.

Believe it or not - but even a Brother device may malfunction. We know that you depend on your Brother device on a daily basis and that it can be a great nuisance to have to do without it while it is repaired. Therefore, we offer free "on-site SWAP service" on many of our models. This service means that we will exchange the machine if an accident should happen. There will simply be supplied a similar machine for you, and typically within 1-2 days! 

On-site SWAP service entitles you to free of charge: 
  • Telephone to remedy problems and issues associated with the use of the machine. 
  • If the problem can’t be solved over the telephone the device get swapped. 
  • It’s a condition that the machine has been used as described in the instructions - incl. use of Brother original consumables. 

If problems occur, please contact Brother Support and provide us with:

  • The serial number of the machine and describe the problem. 
  • Cooperation with the support representative to find out if there is an error condition, you can correct (incorrect use, empty on supplies), or if it’s a manufacturing defect, where on-site SWAP service takes effect. 

Not covered by on-site SWAP service: 

  • Setup / troubleshooting of the PC. 
  • Regular maintenance. Replacing supplies. Replacement of worn parts at normal wear and tear as well as misuse. 
  • Storing information in the replacement machine - e.g. encoding of fax numbers in a fax.
The first year the device has on-site SWAP. After the first year the device has to be sent to Brother or a Brother Service Partner to be be repaired.

The device has on-site SWAP throughout the warranty period.

The device has to be sent to Brother or to a Brother Service Partner to be repaired.