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What does digital transformation look like for your business?

Digital transformation will be different for every company. It can be defined as the integration of digital technology resulting in changes to both how your business operates and how you deliver value to your customers. 

It is time for organisations to fully invest in digital technologies.

Such transformation will enable you to overcome workflow challenges, minimise administrative burdens and unlock your revenue and productivity growth potential.

Discover how to overcome these challenges by exploring the transformation whitepaper series below. 

Ihmisiä kuvattu työskentelemässä

Report 1: How to create digital workflows for the future

Efficiency is always a key goal for businesses, but as the "new normal" comes into focus it will become even more important to create further economies of scale. 

In this report, we delve deep into:

  • Barriers for SMBs in achieving their business priorities
  • Key technologies SMBs are investing in
  • How to stop administrative tasks weighing you down

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Ihmisiä kuvattu työskentelemässä, lisäksi pilviratkaisuja

Report 2: Implementing the right business solution

This insightful report details how you can effectively implement printing technologies within your organisation to save you time and money. 

Key sections of the report include:

  • Making the most of your technology budget
  • Top 10 benefits of leasing your technology hardware
  • How to leverage the expertise of your technology supplier

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Arkistointia, kuvattu laatikosto, arkistoon meneviä kansioita ja lukko

Report 3: Maintaining a secure printing ecosystem

Learn more about the importance of printing security, and how to implement secure printing solutions to avoid costly breaches.

Essential insights include:

  • Barriers to investment in print security
  • Who is ultimately responsible for printer security?
  • Device security vs. data security - which is the biggest threat to your organisation

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Piirroskuvassa näkyy rakennuksia, tuulivoimala, lehtiä ja aurinko

Report 4: Putting sustainability at the heart of office technology

Understand how you and your organisation can embrace an eco-friendly mindset without damaging your finances or efficiencies.

In the report, you'll discover:

  • Why it makes business sense to include printing in your sustainability policy
  • Why intentions need to lead to action
  • What your printing supplier can do to drive sustainability initiatives forward

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