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Durable Brother P-touch TZe labels on POS point-of-sale equipment in retail store

Convey important information where needed

Both in the store and in the back office, retailers require highly visible signage, a means of identifying assets, and labels for general administration. Brother TZe durable laminated labels help achieve this, by allowing important information to be displayed at the relevant point of contact.

Benefits for retailers 

A clear laminated topcoat protects your text from chemicals, moisture, abrasion, sunlight and extreme conditions. Brother P-touch laminated labels have been "Tested to the Extreme" by an independent laboratory to ensure their durability.

Thermal transfer technology uses an ink ribbon to offer crisp, high-quality print. P-touch label printers can produce long-life, durable labels with up to 360 x 720dpi print resolution. 

Linear and two-dimensional barcodes, such as QR codes can be included on your labels to improve efficiency, and reduce errors caused by manually typing incorrect asset numbers and other information

Improve label identification by including a relevant graphic image such as a logo or symbol. Popular file formats such as .jpg, .png and .bmp are supported.

Brother TZe tape cassettes are available in a wide range of label sizes up to 36mm, and in various colours. Metallic, strong adhesive, tamper evident and highly-visible fluorescent labels are also available to meet virtually all labelling requirements.

P-touch Editor software for Windows and Mac is included as a free download, and allows the professional design of labels to meet your exact requirements. 

Shop opening hours sign made up of multiple Brother TZe durable black on transparent labels

Create durable signs resistant to sunlight, chemicals, moisture and abrasion

Clear signage is essential to both customers and staff, and by using a Brother PT-P900 series label printer as part of your facilities management processes, you can create long-life durable labels that can safely be used indoors or outdoors.

Technical data for TZe, HGe and HSe tapes

Blue on white waterproof P-touch TZe labels near sink to remind staff to wash their hands

Warning and safety signs

There are many areas both at the store front, warehouse and back of house where important signs are required. Customised labels can easily be produced in a wide range of colour combinations to ensure that both customers and staff quickly get the message.

Barcode scanner with blue on white durable asset label printed on a Brother P-touch TZe laminated label

Keep track of equipment and other assets

Many retail chains have thousands of fixed or mobile assets spread across multiple sites and locations. Keep track of these by printing durable laminated labels containing asset numbers and other important information, with a Brother P-touch P900 series label printer.

Brother laminated TZe labels are designed to last for many years, even under extreme conditions.

Brother black on premium glitter gold tape attached to clip-on badge to identify store manager

Staff name badges

Ensure that your staff look professional, presentable and are easily identifiable at all times by printing their name on a Brother TZe laminated label and attaching to a clip-on badge.

With high adhesive strength and extreme durability, you can be sure the label will stay attached and look as good as new for a long time.

Despite their superior adhesive strength, Brother P-touch labels can be removed and in most cases without leaving behind an adhesive residue, allowing the badge to be easily re-used.

Brother premium glitter black on gold label attached on shelf edge showing price of shoes

Premium durable shelf edge labels

From boutique shops who need high quality, stylish shelf-edge labels to store warehouses who require long-life labels that withstand sunlight, knocks, abrasion, moisture and chemicals, Brother TZe laminated labels offer the perfect solution for your durable labelling needs.

Create labels in the store on a Brother PT-P900 series label printer for labels up to 36mm in width. Available in various colours, finishes, materials and sizes, Brother TZe labels contain a clear laminated layer that protects your text, barcodes and images from damage in day-to-day use.

Brother PT-P900 series durable label printer

PT-P900 desktop label printer range

The Brother P-touch PT-P900 series desktop label printers are the ideal choice for retailers who require labels that will last.

 Produce durable labels on demand, up to 36mm in width.
 High-speed, high-resolution printing.
 Include barcodes, logos and other symbols as required.
 Link to data in an Excel sheet to quickly print multiple labels in a long strip.
 Includes P-touch Editor label design software.

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Brother PT-P900 series durable label printer

PT-P900 Series

Create durable labels on demand, up to 36mm in width, with high print speed and high print resolution. Various wired/wireless options.

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