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Why choose Brother for retail office printing and scanning?

At Brother we recognise the challenges faced by retail offices. Retail offices must process large multi-channel order volumes while maintaining customer experience.

We know every retailer is different, something especially true for small or micro-retailers. Meeting the demands of the ‘want it now’ generation presents unique challenges. To work efficiently, your back office needs to be organised.

Brother’s retail team understands the changing retail market. We work with our retail partners to create bespoke back office printing and scanning solutions to suit their unique needs.

We understand the retail office environment

Seamless integration with existing systems and optimised print usage to reduce costs. 

Minimising your footprint through digital transformation and reducing waste. 

Portable devices are especially important for micro-retailers often needing flexible office space.

Bespoke printing and scanning solutions to meet the precise needs of your retail office. 


The compact size of the printers and scanners and the small handheld devices, free up office space to maximise warehouse or shop floor space. 

GDPR compliant sharing of customer information between office and warehouse teams. 

Delivery note and document archiving

Scan and automatically save delivery notes on arrival for accurate stock management. Enabling your colleagues in different departments immediate access, to process the goods. 

  • Easy to use saving time on warehouse administration
  • Fully integrated with existing management systems
  • Accurate scanning ensuring reliable stock volumes


Explore delivery note and document archiving

Office printing

Effortlessly print orders, dispatch notes and invoices in large volumes. Invest in high-yield toner cartridges, limits downtime and produce high-quality, easy to read documents. 

  • Save costs by using high-yield toner cartridges
  • Large capacity paper trays, for easy large volume printing
  • Crisp, easy to read text reducing errors in order fulfilment

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Secure printing

Ensure sensitive customer information remains confidential is essential. Access to sensitive information can be limited with NFC (Near-field Communications) card or PIN authentication. Documents can only be released by authorised staff. 

  • Secure printing reduces the risk of sensitive customers information information being left on the printer
  • Flexible grant access according to staff needs 
  • Compact, space saving where space is a premium

Explore secure printing

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