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  7. Halloween – protect your network from ghosts, ghouls and print security glitches!
Suojaa verkkosi tunkeutujilta ja tilkitse tulostusturvallisuuden puutteet halloweenina

Halloween – protect your network from ghosts, ghouls and print security glitches!

Halloween is an excellent time to review print security processes and identify ways to strengthen your network from hacks. 

Be sure to avoid unwanted apparitions in your network with these 7 network print security tips from Brother.

7 steps to protect your network


  1. Wi-Fi password protection

    When a printer sits on an unsecure network, the trapdoor is open to systems access. The good news is you don’t need to brew a complex potion – simply make sure your Wi-Fi is password protected.

  2. Update your firmware regularly

    Print security vulnerabilities can be significantly reduced by clearing out bugs and cobwebs. Configure your device for automatic updates and refresh firmware regularly to ensure you have the latest protection and features.

  3. Set a strong administrator password

    Printers usually have an administration web interface that allows configuration and control of the device. If this is needed, set a new, strong password upon initial configuration. If it is not needed, disable the capability to keep out the creepy characters.

  4. Network firewall protection

    Restrict access to your systems with a network firewall. This is a device or piece of software that protects your network by monitoring and blocking potentially spooky traffic.

  5. Switch the device to an internal IP address

    Some printing devices come with an external IP address by default. Changing to an internal IP address, will instantly boost your protection from public network nasties. Consider making this critter protection even craftier by limiting access to local area networks (LANs) or subnetworks, which will make printers unreachable from the internet.

  6. Individual network account protection

    Whenever a printing device requires access to a network resource, ensure that a dedicated, individual network account is set up. Only grant this account sufficient rights to be able to fulfil the required functions.

  7. Disable anything non-essential

    Printing devices come with a wealth of features designed to improve functionality, but not all will be relevant for your needs. Defences against ghosts and ghouls can be strengthened by disabling any non-essential services, interfaces, features and physical ports.

    Find out more about our print security solutions here.

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