Cool Earth ja Brother tukevat paikallisia yhteisöjä

Our commitment to the environment – saving trees, communities and developing opportunities 

Following over a decade of partnering with Cool Earth, a charity that protects endangered rainforest, our support has helped prevent deforestation in at-risk areas.

Keeping almost 5 million trees standing in Peru and Papua New Guinea is an incredible achievement in itself, but our partnership with the charity has accomplished much more.

To coincide with International Day of Charity on September 5, we look at five accomplishments of our partnership with Cool Earth.

Boosting health facilities

In the infancy of our partnership back in 2009, villagers in the Asháninka Partnership, Peru, lived hours away from the nearest hospital. This remoteness meant that access to healthcare was one of the biggest threats to the community.

Since then, the opening of four new medical outposts within an hour’s reach of 72% of the population has had a positive impact on the health of villagers. Benefits included the provision of mosquito nests, access to antivenom and basic medication. Investments in wells and water filtration methods also granted families clean, safe water.

Developing livelihoods

We aim to have a lasting effect on future forest generations. As such, our partnership enables locals to develop alternative livelihood opportunities.  

Investment plus the appointment of specialist consultants and technicians means cacao and coffee crop yields have improved. This allowed income to increase by 40% for many villages.

In Papua New Guinea, Brother donated three new home sewing machines to the JODAN sewing group in the village of Gadaisu. Since then the group has excelled.

The female cooperative now produces dresses, skirts and Meri blouses, a traditional dress for Papua New Guinea women.

Success looks set to continue, too. The group has ambitious plans to register JODAN as a business, open a bank account and become a self-sufficient village enterprise.

Reducing Flood Risk

Floods continue to be a huge risk in Peru and can devastate communities.

As a priority for the partnership, BIE’s support provided over 2,960 people with emergency tools and funding for flood victims. This included relocating the high-risk village of Parijaro to mitigate future disaster.

Educating future generations

With access to good education comes more opportunities to develop sustainable incomes. That’s why education is an integral part of our partnership with Cool Earth, with a particular focus on progression to secondary school.

In Papua New Guinea, the support has enabled bursaries for 17 children to attend senior schools or vocational courses in Alotau. It’s also provided children in the village of Gadaisu with funding so they can progress to their next step of schooling.

Rainforest – from surviving to thriving

Not only has our support helped rainforest survive, the investment made has enabled it to thrive. Wildlife is monitored by Forest Watch teams and the next generation is being trained in camera-trap placement.

Biodiversity workshops are held with communities to protect the future of the rainforest. Ideas are shared to better understand the vital links between forest animals, plants, villages and the planet.

Reflecting on how much our partnership has enriched the lives of the communities over the past decade is fantastic. We are excited to watch further achievements in these communities unfold – all thanks to the support of Brother’s customers.


About Brother and Cool Earth

For over a decade, Brother has partnered with Cool Earth, a charity that protects endangered rainforests. Through support from Brother’s return and recycle scheme, the charity has helped preserve almost 10,000 acres of rainforest, keeping almost 5 million trees standing and preventing the release of 2.6 million tonnes of CO2.

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