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Commitment, creativity and passion for the cause

Ten years is a long time, during which a lot can happen. Indeed, in 2008, when we at Brother Europe began supporting rainforest charity Cool Earth, everyday items and services like iPads, Uber and Netflix didn’t exist.

Just as technological innovation has changed our experience of the world in the last 10 years, the partnership between Brother and Cool Earth has delivered significant tangible global benefit to our planet.

For this reason, I’m delighted that we have reaffirmed our support of Cool Earth by renewing our commitment to help such a great and important cause.

Canopies and creatures: Saving Earth’s treasures

Since we became Cool Earth’s first corporate partner in 2008, we have achieved a great deal together.

Having started by supporting Asháninka villages in Peru, Brother and Cool Earth are now also working with remote communities in Papua New Guinea.

As well as helping Cool Earth through our free return and recycle scheme, where customers across Europe return their used ink and toner cartridges in exchange for us making a financial donation to the charity, our employees take part in fundraising initiatives to increase our support further.

As a result, vital rainforest habitats containing uniquely specialised plants and animals, such as the Southern Crowned Pigeon and the Spectacled Bear, are being safeguarded. And the culture, way of life, home, food source and sense of belonging of many local communities is being protected.

On a global scale, through our support, Cool Earth has protected almost 10,000 acres of rainforest, keeping almost 5 million trees standing and saving the atmosphere from 2.6 million tonnes of CO2.


Collaboration built on creativity One of the reasons I believe the partnership between Brother and Cool Earth is so successful is that both organisations are passionately creative. Where Cool Earth projects seek to create sustainable livelihoods and protect precious resources, Brother is innovating to create technology, solutions and processes that minimise impact on the planet.

From futuristic technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells to ongoing efforts to reduce packaging and materials use, we constantly strive for improvement. 

Keen to further our cutting-edge recycling capabilities, we are currently working towards the concept of the ‘circular economy’. When customers across Europe return their used ink and toner cartridges, colleagues at our recycling facilities remanufacture or recycle them to save resource and energy. Additionally, Cool Earth receives a donation. 

Some of our products have even been deployed to help Cool Earth and the communities it supports. We’ve supplied sewing machines to remote communities in Gadaisu, Papua New Guinea, and we plan to send an AiRScouter head mounted display, which supports drone filming, to help survey rainforest canopies. 

Cool Earth Director Matthew Owen and BIE Marketing Director Luc Godard
Cool Earth Director, Matthew Owen, and Brother International Europe Director of Marketing & CSR Officer, Luc Godard

The ‘At your side’ antidote to short-termismCool Earth believes that all too often, rainforest conservation relies on short-term fixes rather than initiatives with longer-term benefits.

Something that makes me incredibly proud, is the fact that our mutual partnership is strategic, steadfast and solid. It demonstrates the very essence of our ‘At your side’ motto.

Impact is created by looking through the long lens and working to long-term strategic plans, particularly in the context of charities that need funding certainty to thrive. 

Given the unbelievable impact Cool Earth is having, I’m delighted that Brother has committed to supporting the charity for years to come and I’m excited to see the achievements we can make in this time.

Read more about our partnership here

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