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How specialist print can enhance retail customer experience during difficult times

Retailers have been hit hard financially from the impact of COVID-19. A strong recovery will be reliant on a number of factors, including the streamlining of processes to make the experience safer and more efficient for consumers. 

Demand needs to be handled efficiently in order to drive revenue and to deliver a good service that ensures future custom and strong brand awareness.

To get the best results, retailers need to have robust and reliable processes in place, which can be supported through efficient labelling and mobile printing. We look at the benefits of labelling and printing throughout the retail sector:

  • Grocery and food retail: Supermarkets and food stores have a rapid turnover, meaning shelves need to be continually restocked to keep sales flowing. A mobile workforce will require reliable and ready-for-work mobile printers to print on the go so shelves are up to date, and sales and discounts are suitably advertised. Devices, such as Brother’s RJ mobile print range, can be used either on a trolley or a shoulder strap to be with the user every step of the day. Portable print devices are perfect for creating shelf-edge labels, clear barcode labels as well as sale and discount pricing labels.

    Labelling can also support grocery retailers in complying with food safety regulations. Clear food labelling is more important than ever before and devices, such as Brother’s TD range, can help highlight allergens, ingredients and best before and use by dates; to help keep customers safe. More details about our food and hospitality solutions can be found here.

  • Fashion retail: Having to join the end of a long queue is a common frustration for shoppers and now, more than ever, customers won’t want to feel crowded when making their purchase. Queue-busting portable print solutions can be implemented to prevent this. Additional tills can be created using mobile printers, to print mobile point of sale receipts to reduce queue length. This pop-up till can support social distancing and help to reduce the time consumers spend in store, therefore improving their experience. Devices, including Brother’s RJ mobile print range, can be used on a belt clip or a shoulder strap to make it easier for the user and it means that mobile tills can be located anywhere throughout the shop.

    Due to COVID-19, retailers need to use a combination of labelling and signage to highlight safety measures to ensure customers and staff feel and stay safe. Brother’s PT range can be used to make customisable labels to highlight safety measures such as hygiene stations, a one-way system and social distancing measures.

    Evolving guidelines mean that retailers need to be able to adapt quickly, so having access to customisable printing solutions will help them stay on top of evolving advice. P-touch Editor software can also be used to print personalised labels directly from Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.You can find more information about our retail solutions here. 

  • eCommerce warehouse: In vast warehouse settings, having a portable and rugged device for remote print makes processes more efficient, faster and therefore more cost-effective. RJ mobile devices can be clipped onto a belt to enable printing on the go throughout the working day. A mobile workforce can also use devices to label products for picking, packing and dispatching products and printing barcodes to make it a more streamlined process.

  • eCommerce delivery drivers: Reliable delivery is a huge factor in the success of an eCommerce business. It can prevent customer complaints and increase return custom. Mobile printers from the RJ and PJ range can come with an optional vehicle mount, ideal for the mobile workforce. Delivery slips and confirmations can be printed quickly and easily, with the streamlined process allowing more deliveries to be completed.

    Brother has a complete range of labelling and printing devices designed for users in the retail sector including RJ and PJ mobile printers and P-touch durable label printers. The vast ranges create durable labels, designed to make processes smoother, faster and more efficient.

    More information about specialist print and labelling solutions is available here.

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