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En elektriker märker sladdar.

Label like a Pro with Brother’s new self-laminating tape

Working in network infrastructure, keeping the network up and running smoothly is an essential part of the job. If a fault does occur, then a quick recovery is key.

Time is critical when it comes to managing issues or minimising network downtime, as every second lost can prove costly to a business. To resolve issues efficiently, labelling of the network needs to be clear and concise. 

To ensure efficient labelling, Brother has launched its new self-laminating tape, a durable, flexible and cost-effective labelling solution.

Part of Brother’s recently relaunched P-touch Pro Tape range, the self-laminating tape has been specifically designed with data centres in mind.

The Pro Tape range can be used in network infrastructure to label rack ID, panel ID, port ID, equipment outlet ID, telecommunications outlet ID, optional elements ID, cable ID between patch panels, patch cord ID between ports/patch panels and power cord ID.

Reducing time and costs with one solution 

Brother’s new tape laminates the label during printing, meaning users no longer need to overwrap the entire printed area. This process not only increases the speed of applying labels, but also saves money as installers can now use a Brother 24mm width tape to label larger diameter CAT6A cables without needing to size up to wider tape.

A close-up of three, light blue network cables with black-on-white labels

Professional labels covered 

The P-touch Pro Tape range includes six other tape types in different width and colour combinations:
  • Strong adhesive laminated tape designed for smooth, textured and powder-coated surfaces
  • Flag die-cut non-laminated label ideal for fibre optic and other thin cables
  • Flexible ID laminated tape created for cable wrap and flags
  • Heat shrink tube made of special non-adhesive tape that grips to the cable when shrunk down
  • Security laminated tape for added reassurance, visibly shows if the label has been tampered with and cannot be reapplied once peeled
  • Stencil tape suitable for industrial markets, the tape has a thermal sensitive layer that masks ink or special fluids to directly mark components or parts

Staying labelled. Every time

Brother P-touch laminated labels have undergone a series of vigorous tests to ensure labels will remain in place and legible even if they are exposed to temperature, abrasion or chemical extremes.
To ensure labels stay intact on textured surfaces, the strong adhesive tape offers three times more strength than Brother’s standard tape on average, when compared in independent tests. The tape is ideal for use in server rooms.
Our flexible ID tape and self-laminating tapes have specially formulated adhesive to wrap securely around curved surfaces with a minimum diameter of 3mm.
In addition, the robust heat shrink tube is UL recognised as a component to UL224 as VW-1 rated.
Users can be assured about compliance, as the tapes help to meet ISO/IEC 14763-2 and ANSI/TIA-606-C standards for network infrastructure engineers. 
When opting for a Brother genuine tape supply for your labelling device, you can be confident that they will work as a strong team together - delivering compliant and efficient results, whilst protecting your labelling device investment.
Brother Pro Tape is available for a variety of P-touch label printers and prices start at DKK. 125.
Full testing information can be found at: www.brother.eu/tze-data.

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