Where next for retail technology?

What is the next step in retail?

In the last ten years, technological advances have revolutionized the way people shop, and more rapid changes are about to come.

This transformation is clear to see in the string of headlines in recent years about struggling high streets and store closures.

Here, we look at where current trends might be taking the world of retail in the years ahead.

Automation is a hot topic across the whole economy, and it is set to have a transformative effect over the next 10 years, with self-service models for customer service becoming standard and AI analysis of big data helping brands get more insight into what their customers want.

We also expect to see the customer experience brands deliver get richer and more immersive, with augmented reality technology becoming more important for retailers.

Making transactions as quick and easy for the customer as possible will also be a continuing trend, with connected tech and the internet of things increasingly taking care of routine purchases.

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