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Why genuine supplies are worth it every time 

When it comes to running a business, quality is something that should never be compromised, and consistency is key.

When you're busy running a business, there's little time remaining to focus on basic office needs such as printing. Put simply, you just need these processes to work seamlessly every time.

Third-party printer ink and toner cartridges are widely available, and businesses often opt to use them believing they provide the same performance as genuine supplies. In reality, this could be a costly mistake as non-genuine supplies could pose multiple risks and compromise on both print quality and performance.

To increase awareness of the risks, we have provided five reasons why genuine supplies are the smart choice for businesses and are definitely worth it every time:

1.    Reliability

Non-genuine supplies can create a lot of issues and 49%1 of third-party cartridges tested in fact failed to reach rated yield, meaning they can run out faster than they should. Genuine supplies are rigorously tested to ensure they work perfectly every time.   

2.    Environmental

With businesses becoming increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment, recycling Brother supplies is simple. Brother printers are designed to work with Brother genuine supplies to reduce waste and limit our environmental impact.

3.    Health and safety

Health and safety is critical to every business, however they may be negatively impacted by using non-genuine supplies. Third-party cartridges can often leak and fail to meet some safety requirements. Brother’s supplies are tested to highest standards, so users can be rest assured that they are always safe.

4.    Quality

Producing any client-facing documents is a direct reflection of your business and every page needs to be of the highest quality. With the risk of documents produced through non-genuine supplies leaving defects and requiring reprinting, costs may be increased. Using genuine supplies ensures perfect print quality is delivered every time.

5.    Warranty

Using supplies from other providers may void the warranty of a device. Genuine supplies are designed specifically for the machine and they work together in perfect harmony as they have been created by the same expert engineers to the same standards.

Find out more about original-ink-cartridges-and-toner-cartridges. 

1 Statistic taken from: Is OEM toner really better? Putting genuine toner to the test against third-party compatibles, Keypoint Intelligence, July 2018

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