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How do you automatically manage and optimise a printer fleet?


For many companies with a large printer fleet, it seems like an endless task to monitor toner and ink levels, ensure employee productivity, understand print behaviour and analyse other important data.

Moreover, manual printer fleet management is inefficient because it requires time and resources that is better off being used elsewhere.

With JetAdvice Manager, data is automatically collected 24/7 for all the company's printers. This reduces manual processes, saves resources and minimises the risk of errors.

Benefits and functionalities

JetAdvice - Meter Reading

Automatic transmission of counter readings

Accurate meter readings are sent daily at regular intervals via the cloud. You do not need to enter data manually, which doesn’t only save time but also reduces the chance of input errors

JetAdvice - Supplies

Automatic supply fulfillment

JetAdvice Manager is 100% compatible with the Brother MPS (Managed Print Services). This means that thanks to JetAdvice data, we can automatically send supplies when and where you need them.

JetAdvice - Analysis

Fact based print analysis

Based on detailed data, it becomes possible to assess the efficiency of your printer fleet. How many printers do you really need? Where and how are they used?

JetAdvice - Maintenance

Efficient and quick maintenance

MPS (Managed Print Services) from Brother keep track of your printers. Thanks to JetAdvice Manager, preventive maintenance can quickly be initiated within your printing environment.

JetAdvice - Reporting

Information in your hand

JetAdvice Manager offers a range of options to convert the vast amount of data to clear information and call to action. These reports are automatically sent in the right format, at the right time and to the right person or department.

JetAdvice - Environment

Less impact on the environment

Printers and MFPs are often overlooked as sources of unnecessary emission and power consumption. JetAdvice Manager helps you choose products that will help reducing your company’s impact on the environment.

Integrating JetAdvice Manager with the Brother Managed Print Services gives you complete control over all print devices in your organisation.

In addition, JetAdvice Manager supports all printer brands on the market today, a huge advantage when you have a diversified printer fleet.

Henning Elkjær
Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director, Denmark

Reduce your printing costs thanks to printer information

In addition to a complete overview of your current printer fleet, JetAdvice Manager also offers a more nuanced insight into your printer needs, which can be the basis for optimising your printer fleet and reducing your costs in the short term and long term.

Do you waste resources on expensive colour prints? Would it be profitable to get new and more cost-effective printers? Brother can help you with this thanks to the JetAdvice Manager printer information. Contact us today for a complete print assessment of your company.

Recover control over your printer fleet