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Some FAQs on Large Businesses

Yes, with the Brother Solutions Interface. BSI is an open interface platform designed to let third parties create their own solutions for Brother devices. You can customise the User Interface in any way you want, to display custom messages and give you more control.
Yes, we’re a SAP gold developer and our printer and scanner drivers are certified fully compatible with Citrix too. 
Ordinarily if a print job is sent to queue on your printer, it can sit on the machine indefinitely, which poses a risk for confidential documents. With Timed Erasing you can instruct the printer to delete your secure print data after a set period of time, from hours to potentially days.
Once a job is printed, it’s not always possible to know who sent it. With Brother’s ID Print a stamp of the key details – such as username, date, time or even a customised message – appears at the top or bottom of the page. 

Scan Solutions

Allow your employees to scan, store and send your files securely with Brother’s scan solutions

Scanning Solutions