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Benefits of the PT-P900 series label printers and P-touch durable labels

A clear laminated top-coat protects your text from chemicals, moisture, abrasion, sunlight and extreme conditions. Brother P-touch laminated labels have been "Tested to the Extreme" by an independent laboratory to ensure their durability.

Thermal transfer technology uses an ink ribbon to offer crisp, high-quality print. P-touch label printers can produce long-life, durable labels with up to 360 x 720dpi print resolution. 

Linear and two-dimensional barcodes, such as GS1-128 and QR codes can be included on your labels to improve efficiency, and reduce errors caused by manually typing incorrect asset numbers and other information

Improve label identification by including a relevant graphic image such as a logo or symbol. Popular file formats such as .jpg, .png and .bmp are supported.

Brother TZe tape cassettes are available in a wide range of label sizes up to 36mm, and in various colours. Metallic, strong adhesive, tamper evident and highly-visible fluorescent labels are also available to meet virtually all labelling requirements.

P-touch Editor software for Windows and Mac is included as a free download, and allows the professional design of labels to meet your exact requirements. 

Service information on Brother P-touch TZe laminated label attached to syringe driver in a hospital

Ensure service schedules are maintained

Without any means of accurately identifying equipment, essential servicing cannot be carried out as required on the correct devices. The wrong asset may be serviced, or an important service date missed. By using Brother P-touch laminated labels on each device, you can be guaranteed your label will remain legible for many years, helping to keep your equipment in the best condition possible.

Operating instructions on medical healthcare equipment

Include important operating information

Highly visible labels containing important information can be affixed to equipment, instructing users on their correct operation, and ensuring devices are always ready to be used at a moment’s notice. With a wide range of label colours including metallic and fluorescent, you can ensure your instructions are clearly visible and noticed immediately.

Brother P-touch laminated TZe labels on various chemicals in a laboratory

Trust Brother durable TZe labels

Available in widths up to 36mm, in a variety of colours and materials including metallic, strong adhesive and tamper evident, Brother P-touch laminated labels have been tested and proven to resist:

  • Chemicals
  • Water and other liquids
  • Abrasion
  • Sunlight and UV light
  • Freezing temperatures down to -80C
  • Heat up to +150C

Once affixed, you can be guaranteed your labels will remain attached and legible for many years to come.

TZe Tape Technical Data (PDF, 2.5MB)

Brother P-touch PT-P900W printing asset labels

PT-P900 desktop label printer range

The Brother P-touch PT-P900 series desktop label printers is the ideal choice for healthcare institutions that require labels that will last.

  • Produce durable labels on demand, up to 36mm in width.
  • High-speed, high-resolution printing.
  • Include barcodes, logos and other symbols as required.
  • Link to data contained in an Excel spreadsheet to quickly print multiple asset labels in one long strip.
  • Includes P-touch Editor label design software.

Brother PT-P900 series durable label printer

PT-P900 Series

Create durable labels on demand, up to 36mm in width, with high print speed and high print resolution. Various wired/wireless options.

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Brother TZe tape cassette being inserted into a PT-P900W label printer

Buy Brother TZe tapes

Available in many colours, tape widths and materials, there is a label for virtually all your labelling needs.

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