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Brother Nordic A/S partners and business customers save 20,584 kilos of CO2 in 2022


Printing and scanning solutions expert Brother has reached an important milestone in its commitment to sustainability by saving 20,584 tons of CO2 in 2022 thanks to its toner remanufacturing programme in the Nordic countries.

The programme – which collects used toner cartridges and remanufactures them to as good as new quality – involved 343 dealers or business customers who returned a total of 12,459 toner cartridges, saving 20,584 tons of CO2 that would have been emitted in the manufacture of that number of new cartridges.

Craig McCubbin, Managing Director at Brother Industries UK, Brother’s Global Remanufacturing Technology Centre commented saying; “The circular economy and commitment to sustainability are part of Brother's DNA and integral to our core values. Since 2004, we have had a market-leading recycling programme in place to reduce the environmental impact of our products. This means that Brother has one of the oldest toner recycling facilities in Europe and has remanufactured more than 35 million cartridges1 worldwide.”

“Globally this means we save 5,300 tons of C02 every year compared to what it takes to produce brand new cartridges. That is the equivalent as taking 1150 cars off the road2 every year. And considering this also takes into account the collection of used supplies, it is a massive achievement for an operation of this scale”.

In addition to their commitment to reducing emissions, Brother also design their toner cartridges with the circular economy in mind.

Juan Carot, Senior Project Manager at Brother Industries UK commented; “Brother toner cartridges have been designed in the most sustainable way possible. They are made from plastic that does not contain persistent organic pollutants, so they can be reused again. Anything we can’t reuse is recycled, ensuring that nothing goes to landfill.”

In addition, Brother's remanufacturing factories are certified zero waste to landfill and, as of 2021, its recycling processes are officially 100% carbon neutral3. Brother maintains its high level of quality and environmental standards through ensuring the durability and performance of its remanufactured products.

With the toner remanufacturing programme, the company reaffirms its commitment to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN's 2030 Agenda, especially in terms of responsible production and consumption. Within this framework, Brother continues to work to promote sustainable development and plans to reduce its Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 65% by 20304 from FY2015 levels, demonstrating its long-term commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental footprint.

"At Brother, we are committed to leading sustainability in the printing industry and we continue to work to minimise the environmental impact of our products and services," says Henning Elkjær, Sales Director, Denmark & Norway for Brother Nordic A/S. "We are proud of the success of our toner remanufacturing programme and we will continue to work on different initiatives to enhance our role as a responsible, ethical and sustainable company.”

Customers can return cartridges free of charge by following simple steps indicated on our website recycling section. Once returned, used Brother Genuine cartridges are received at one of Brother's European recycling facilities where they are assessed as to whether they can be remanufactured, or recycled. If reusable, the cartridge is cleaned and worn parts are replaced to get it in optimum condition and put back into the market as a ‘like-new’ product (returned to the same quality as a brand-new cartridge).

Click here for more information on Brother’s market leading remanufacturing scheme.

1 Up to end of FY 2021

2 Based on an average passenger vehicle emitting 4600kg (4.6 metric tonnes) of C02 each year

3 Scope 1 and 2

4 Base don 65% reduction within Scope 1 and Scope 2 against FY2015 level . More information on the Brother Group Environmental Vision 2050 can be found at https://global.brother/en/sustainability/eco/vision

Brother market leading recycling scheme