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Create perfectly customised labels with Brothers P-touch Editor 6.0


Advanced label design and printing software for the Brother P-touch range is included as a standard with P-touch label printers, so you can create your own custom labels with logos, photos and barcodes using Brother's powerful, easy-to-use label design software - just plug your label printer to your PC via USB or Bluetooth.

The latest version, P-touch Editor 6.0, which can be used with our latest label printers PT-D410, PT-D460BTVP and PT-D610BTVP, covers all labeling needs in the home, at the office and at small retail stores. It has special templates for different types of labels, which are intended for labeling assets, files and folders, exhibition material and much more.

A flexible design library for your own labels

All templates included in the P-touch Editor 6.0 software are fully customisable, meaning you can choose from over 1200 symbols, 30+ fonts and 160+ frames to suit your current needs. P-touch Editor 6.0 also makes it easy to add other elements such as company logos and barcode labels. Barcode labels/2D code labels can be created by simply selecting the code type and entering the number/alphabet. This is perfect for tracking assets in a business.

With upgraded features, increased functionality and an overall refresh of the user experience, P-touch Editor 6.0 label design software provides a complete solution for creating and printing custom labels. Since P-touch Editor 6.0 uses Unicode, characters from multiple languages can be included in the same name, which means you can create labels for any target audience. It's also easy to find labels you've previously created and share labels with Brother's label editing apps on your smartphone.

New features include:

  • Multiple fonts, symbols, and frames so labels can be easily customised
  • New templates specially designed for home and business use
  • Additional functions with number/time and date/barcode
  • A general update of the user experience
  • Anywhere, in any language
Learn more and download P-touch Editor 6.0 here.
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