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Brother: Our Brand Protection Review for 2021

Brother International Europe ‘fought’ over 40,000 infringements across Europe last year. Protecting the Intellectual Property of Brother has become one of the most important issues for us globally, and across Europe. It is not only about protecting our trademarks, copyrights, and patents; but also protecting our customers and the trust they have in our products and brand.

Through our partnership with brand protection agency Incopro, Brother enforced on more than 28,000 offers online which infringed our trademarks and copyrights and 16,000 misleading offers across Europe in 2021. We also took action against 80+ websites that abused the Brother trademark, that were infected with malware or were involved in fraudulent activity.

Our efforts concentrate on top marketplaces such as Amazon, and in 2021 Brother removed 990 ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) for trademark abuse and 148 ASINs for patent infringement across Amazon EU countries.

Isao Noji, Chairman & Managing Director of Brother International Europe Ltd explained; “protecting Brother’s Intellectual Property continues to be one of the most important issues for Brother and in 2021 we encountered over 40,000 infringing listings that misled and could be harmful to our customers.

“In partnership with several investigation agencies and solicitors, we also detected, investigated, and actioned against 10 counterfeit cases in 2021 which involved a series of counterfeit networks.

“This is extremely important to highlight as in search of a good offer, customers may purchase what they believe to be Brother genuine products in good faith, unaware the products are in fact counterfeit. This is why Brother invests continuously in these activities to protect our customers and their investments.”

Last year, Brother also implemented a more robust Anti-Counterfeit Program to tackle the vast influx of counterfeiters online and offline, but express the importance to Brother customers and partners to always:

If Brother customers are worried about this and would like to report a suspected counterfeit product they can do so by visiting www.brother.com/id or contacting Brother directly at IPRinfo@brother.co.uk.

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