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Customized labels – especially for you


We know that not all labeling tasks can be accomplished using standard labels. Therefore, Brother has made it possible to order customized labels, in all shapes and sizes, so that they fit the customer’s labelling requirements perfectly.

Customized labels can be ordered in many different sizes, colors, formats and qualities, depending on their purpose. They could be for special signage, freight labels, food labelling, festivals, events and special projects. Whatever you may need. Will they need long-term staying power, or do they only have to stick for a short period? We are “at your side” and will identify all options, ensuring that you get exactly what you need.

Upon request we will investigate the options of producing the specific label - and the cost. The latter will depend on volume and specifications.

New freight label
There is great demand for labels in special formats, and for some formats in particular. We have taken note of this, listened to the customers’ wishes and added a new freight label to our label range that we know will be able to meet more labelling needs.

Do you want to learn more about Brother customized labels? Then get in touch and we will find the perfect labelling solution, that suits your purpose.

Brother customized labels in different colors