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Brother introduces new self-laminating tape for wire and cable identification

The tape offers convenience to installers as they can now use a Brother 24mm width tape to label larger diameter CAT6A cables, without needing to size up to a wider tape.

Henning Elkjær, Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director, Brother Nordic A/S said: “For the electrician, network infrastructure and industrial markets, having a label you know will stand the test of time, by remaining legible and intact in even the toughest environments, is crucial.

“The variety of the range means there is a solution for every professional to implement a clear, durable and structured identification system, which is so critical in these industries.”

The new self-laminating tape is part of Brothers well known tape range aimed at professionals – now called the Pro Tape range. It makes labelling more durable, flexible and cost-effective for electricians, network infrastructure engineers and those working in industrial markets.

Available for specific applications and environments, the tapes are built with tough and durable professional grade materials and adhesives for a complete on-site labelling solution.

The Pro Tape range includes seven tape types in different width and colour combinations:

  • Strong adhesive laminated tape designed for smooth, textured and powder-coated surfaces
  • Self-laminating tape allows printed labels to be protected and permanently sealed with a laminated layer overwrap. Ideal for cables including CAT6A
  • Flexible ID laminated tape created for cable wrap and flags
  • Heat shrink tube made of special non-adhesive tape that grips to the cable when shrunk down.
  • Flag die-cut non-laminated label ideal for fibre optic and other thin cables
  • Security laminated tape visibly shows if the label has been tampered with and cannot be reapplied once peeled
  • Stencil tape has a thermal sensitive layer that masks ink or special fluids to directly mark components or parts.


Why go Pro?

To ensure durability in the tough environments they may be exposed to, Brother P-touch laminated labels have undergone a series of vigorous tests so users can be confident in a long-lasting label. Testing has proved they will remain in place and legible when exposed to abrasion, chemicals and temperature extremes.

Smooth and textured surfaces

Based on independent testing, the strong adhesive tape has three times more strength on textured surfaces, compared to Brother’s standard tape, on average. This makes it ideal for electrical panels and server rooms.

Wire and cable identification

Flexible ID tape and self-laminating tapes have specially formulated adhesive to wrap securely around curved surfaces with a minimum diameter of 3mm.

In addition, the robust heat shrink tube is UL recognised as a component to UL224 as VW-1 rated.

Users can be assured about compliance, as the tapes help to meet wiring regulations for electricians and ISO/IEC 14763-2 and ANSI/TIA-606-C standards for network infrastructure engineers.

The Pro Tape range is compatible with P-touch label printers. It is recommended that Pro Tape is used with a Brother labelling device so compliant and efficient labels can be created.

Prices for Brother Pro Tape starts at DKK 125 ex VAT.. For more information, click here.


Full testing information can be found at: www.brother.eu/tze-data

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