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These mobile Brother receipt and label printers can withstand virtually anything

The new RJ-4230B and RJ-4250WB are Brother’s most robust and rugged mobile printers to date. They are designed to print receipts and labels wirelessly out in the field, so they can cope with knocks and being dropped. Prices start at DKK 6,499 excluding VAT (DKK 8,123.75 including VAT).

It’s not just mobile phones, laptops and tablets that are available in more rugged designs. Robust smartphones and solid laptops or tablets are often used by people working on building sites, at factories, on board ships and in the emergency services.

The fact that they are also advertised as complying with MIL standards mean that they meet military requirements. In other words, users could include soldiers, the emergency services or the police.

The armed forces are hardly the target group for Brother’s two new mobile printers – the RJ-4230B and RJ-4250WB. But they are so robust that they could easily serve “in uniform”. They are particularly robust, or what Americans call “ruggedized”.

Brother has already been successfully selling mobile RJ printers for some time. They are typically used for wirelessly printing receipts or labels, which covers everything from vouchers, tickets and fines to more general labels and shipping labels. The two new mobile printers are even tougher and more durable.

For instance, they can withstand a two-metre drop without smashing. They are also waterproof and dustproof in accordance with the international IP54 specifications. In other words, you can easily use these small mobile printers outdoors, even when it’s raining.

In light of Brother’s years of experience in selling mobile solutions, the new mobile RJ printers are expected to be used by the retail trade, warehouse workers, service engineers and tradesmen in general. Anyone can use the RJ printers, but they are particularly useful for anyone requiring printouts 10 centimetres wide (4 inches).

You can also use either a smartphone or a tablet when printing items. With apps on these mobiles devices, you can print out documents wirelessly on Brother’s RJ printers. They are compatible with both iPhone/iPad and Android.

Depending on the model of printer, wireless communication is either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Both printers also have a USB port, as well as Near Field Communication (NFC). This technology is probably most familiar from various mobile payment solutions. All you need to do is hold your smartphone close to the printer for a few seconds to transfer the document for printing on paper.

The new RJ printers are very simple to use. Most functions are available via an app, although there is also a display and buttons on the printers that can even be operated while wearing gloves. The printer itself is encased in solid, impact-resistant rubber.

Brother offers a wide range of accessories, so the new printers can be charged and fitted in a vehicle or van, as well as carried over the shoulder on a shoulder strap, as required.

Brother also has a free “Mobile Deploy” app, which allows companies to configure their printers remotely via the internet. A special app is also available that allows you to choose different fonts and typefaces for your printouts.

The two new extra rugged Brother printers make use of “Direct Thermo” technology. In that way, you avoid the need for ink and toner. The print speed is 5 ips or 127 mm a second.

The printers weigh 850 grams and are compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and Apple iOS.

Prices and delivery

The two new mobile printers can be purchased from Brother’s many retailers throughout the country.

Brother RJ-4230B with Bluetooth and USB costs DKK 6,499 excluding VAT and DKK 8,123.75 including VAT.

Brother RJ-4250WB with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB is priced at DKK 7,499 excluding VAT (DKK 9,373.75 including VAT).

Further information

Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) Henning Elkjær, Brother Nordic A/S, telephone +45 43 31 31 31, e-mail henning.elkjaer@brother.dk or Bomberg PR/Pure PR, telephone +45 22 67 25 27, e-mail leif@bomberg.dk