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Brother’s AiRScouter glasses are ideal for making videos

Brother keeps finding new areas and ways in which to use the unconventional glasses with built-in computer screen. The AiRScouter has just been re-launched in a third generation and three new versions which make them even more flexible.

Professional cameramen and video enthusiasts that work with drones have taken an interest in Brother’s AiRScouter glasses with built-in mini computer screen.

They take advantage of the fact that they can view the world as normal through a pair of glasses with no power and at the same time have the screen from the video camera displayed right before their eyes.

That way the AiRScouter will work as a new type of display that the cameramen can use without having to move their eyes to look at a traditional screen. What the camera sees, they see too. The image is literally ”right before their eyes”.

Filmmakers and drone pilots are the new target group for the AiRScouter, that have become an attractive market niche for Brother. The Japanese company is primarily known for its printers and label printers and is among the world’s largest players in that market.

From technicians to filmmakers

AiRScouter was originally developed for industrial purposes, i.e. for craftsmen, artisans and service personnel that need to see images and drawings of a product while working on it or repairing it. Many of the first buyers of the AiRScouter were companies that took advantage of the possibility of having an electronic manual displayed to their technicians on the AiRScouter screen while sitting in front of a machine that needed repair.

Other customers of the first generation used the AiRScouter for assembly lines at factories where it is important for small electronical elements are to be placed correctly and in the right order. Assembly line workers have small videos displayed via the AiRScouter while working.

The second generation of AiRScouters were used by educational institutions, as the AiRScouter is an ideal tool for students within for instance IT, biology, physics and engineering.

Now, the third generation of AiRScouters are here and it appeals to an even wider target group. Filmmakers are just the most obvious, because the option of following the camera on a drone up in the air makes the AiRScouter the ideal extra “ship’s mate”.

Testifying to AiRScouter’s practicality, Gimbal Operator Matthew Carmody, said: “If you are shooting outside, especially in bright sunlight, using a monitor can be extremely difficult because of the glare. With AiRScouter using the eye cup makes it easy to check focus. You now have the ability to look around and check your surroundings as you move but keep good framing and focus.”

Look here, and see how filmmakers use the AiRScouter.

The drone specialist adds that you have much better control with your flying camera when wearing the Brother’s AiRScouter glasses. You don’t need to move your eyes from the done in the air and to a tablet or laptop screen to keep up. You have the entire scenery right in front your eyes.

Here you can see how a drone specialist uses an AiRScouter.

Both agree that the AiRScouter will be more widely used as more and more creative people discover the possibilities of having a par of glasses with a built-in screen.

Large image on a small screen

Brother launches thee new models in the third generation of AiRScouters. Two are available in the Nordic markets. They all measure 264 x 183 x 26mm and weigh approx. 160 kilograms. The difference lies in the power supply, if the glasses have their own integrated battery unit or get power through a cable from for instance a laptop.

The small transparent LCD screen of the AiRScouter can via its unique optic display to the user what is equivalent of the content of an 19 inch monitor. The image is in HD and can be increased with an HD-SDI connection. Via a small button on the glasses you can increase the focus from 30 cm and indefinitely.

The AiRScouter is water proof according to the IP-54 specifications and the mini screen can be adjusted and angled freely in front of the eye by the flexible arm it is mounted on. Charging of battery though a standard Micro-USB plug while the video connection runs through a HDMI-plug on the frames.

Brother AiRScouter is compatible with both laptops, tablets, smartphones and a wide variety of cameras. Besides the AirScouter’s standard software there are apps and programs designed for many special purposes.

Further information

Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) Henning Elkjær, Brother Nordic A/S, phone (+45) 43 31 31 31, e-mail or Bomberg PR/Pure PR, phone (+45) 22 67 25 27, e-mail