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Make Christmas a little more personal with crafts

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without all the little touches that make it personal to you. Whether it’s festive crafting with the kids or making your own place settings, it’s the small details that make this time of year so special.

So why do so many shops try and push us into buying our Christmas crafts in bulk? Christmas cards, wrapping paper, decorations, name tags, to mention just a few. While it may be quicker, inevitably everything ends up looking the same, and the personal touch that makes something special is lost.

With the P-touch CUBE and P-touch CUBE Plus label printers (PT-P710BT & PT-P710BTH), you can transform the most basic items into unique, personalised crafts for your loved ones. From gift labels to homemade tree decorations, this handy ribbon and label printer makes it easy to customise the things you love:


You can personalise each and every gift by colour, message, design and more. Whoever you’re treating, you can create something that feels unique to them.


Sending a homemade Christmas card is a heart-warming gesture, and with a P-touch labelling machine you can create a personalised version in no time. Just type in your message, print it out and stick it on a card. It’s so easy to create individual messages for each card.


Host a Christmas party and customise the festive treats and mulled wine cups for your guests. It’s also perfect for making your own place settings for the Christmas dinner table too.

With all sorts of frames, colours, fonts and styles to choose from, you can keep labelling after Christmas. The P-touch is perfect for adding names to children’s school items, sorting beauty products, labelling homemade preserves and much more.

Find your P-touch label printer here.