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Technology 2025 and the 7 steps from office to ecosystem

The year 2025 is just seven years away. But in these times of digital disruption, it’s a huge leap, particularly for the workplace.

According to Quocirca’s new Print 2025 report, the workplace of this near future will be radically different in terms of how and where we work and the print technology we use.

With so many emerging trends identified by Quocirca, Brother is highlighting 7 insights that will speed us along the path to a virtual, connected office ecosystem by 2025.

1) Mobile employees will comprise nearly 60% of the workforce 

Quocirca revealed that organisations anticipate that, on average, almost 60% of their employees will be mobile workers by 2025 compared to 38% in 2017.

This seismic shift will be made possible by integrated workplace solutions, including interactive screen technology, voice assistance, virtual assistants and the rising popularity of collaboration hubs and co-working spaces.

2) Growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics

The IoT, cloud, data analytics and AI will advance rapidly over the next seven years opening up new connectivity possibilities.

In 2025, an estimated 80 billion IoT devices will be generating data, from which AI and predictive analytics will unlock transformational usage insights.

Multifunction Printers will become yet more embedded in this broader IoT space. Analytics will in turn drive development and could help to increase machine life, improve maintenance support and customer experience.

3) From transactional to contractual – Managed Print Services (MPS) are set to grow

MPS has enjoyed huge success in the enterprise space so far, and, between now and 2025, 57% of SMBs expect to adopt the as-a-service model.

With MPS combining the latest connected print technology with supported, optimised usage, increased uptake will in turn increase the pace of workplace virtualisation.

4) Millennials will become the largest segment of the workforce dominate

Security is rated as a top priority by 84% of organisations. To meet evolving challenges, Quocirca anticipates that by 2025, devices will verify user identity based on a range of factors such as biometrics, location and voice.

This will unlock new security possibilities and will play a central role in completing this new working ecosystem.

7) The ‘less-paper’ not ‘paper less’ office. 

An unexpected generational twist uncovered by Quocirca suggests that print simply is not going to disappear any time soon.

Millennials, who many expected to preside over a decline in print due to their digital habits, expect print to grow in importance. Rising from 74% of 18-34 year olds that think print is important today, 77% expect it to be important in 2025.

While print volumes will diminish, the Quocirca report provides an indication that it is going to be a key part of the smart, connected ecosystem. 

To prepare for this new, virtual framework, Quocirca identifies that manufacturer innovation is essential.

Developments should unlock functionality and improve the user experience. Here, Brother is investing heavily in research and development and will build on its 110 year record of innovation by working closely with customers to create future facing products that meet their emerging needs [Insert local office link]. 


Survey methodology

Quocirca conducted 575 online interviews with IT managers and business decision-makers in SMBs and enterprises in UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the US. It also conducted 55 telephone interviews with senior executives in the US, Europe and Japan from a broad representation of print manufacturers, channel partners and ISVs. Both surveys were conducted in October and November 2017. Read Brother's version of the report.

7 steps from office to ecosystem