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Brother ‘stencil printer’ becomes essential kit for European tattoo artists

Alongside black ink and needles, a mobile thermal ‘stencil printer’ from technology specialist Brother is fast becoming essential kit for Europe’s tattoo artists.

Traditionally used by field workers and emergency services personnel, models in Brother’s PJ mobile thermal printer series have been bought by almost 2,500 European tattooists in the last 12 months.

The age-old art of skin inking has long relied on precision tools wielded by a talented craftsman or woman - and the PJ series from Brother continues that tradition.

Tattooists have warmed to the way models in Brother’s PJ6 and PJ7 series deliver the high resolution detail they require.

They have adopted the devices in turn to create complex, colourful and elaborate designs, printing out a 300DPI tattoo stencil as the starting point of their work. The precision print outs are then transferred to the skin, ready for inked artwork to begin.

‘As important to my work as black ink’

A ‘PJ pioneer’, European tattooist Paul Talbot was among the first to start using Brother’s mobile thermal printers to produce his stencils, using the devices to transfer his designs from his computer to his customers’ bodies. He says the products have transformed his work.

Paul previously relied on the traditional thermal printing equipment still common within the industry but too big and temperamental to be mobile.

While UK based, he frequently tours across Europe and in the States at tattoo conventions. He grew tired of waiting in line to use the tattoo stencil printing equipment provided by organisers on tour. After adopting the PJ623 device as a de facto piece of kit for his studio and for tour time, it was natural to switch up to a flagship model in the PJ7 series when they were launched.

A former graphic designer and musician, Paul works from the Modern Electric Tattoo studio in Birmingham, UK, and says he wanted a machine that was robust, reliable and more portable so he could take his own kit on tour with him.

“The PJ is as important to my work as black ink,” said Paul, who describes his style as ‘grunge’ inspired graphic design on skin.

“The perfect solution needed to have 300 DPI output, so it could replicate my designs on the skin with precision detail and ideally be pocket-sized for convention convenience.

This machine has completely pushed the boundaries of my art and my work. The detail that comes from Brother’s thermal printing technology is impressive, with pointillism intricacy and accuracy that’s impressed my customers and my industry peers.

“I don’t have to compromise on any part of a design on my computer, thinking that it just won’t make it through the stencilling process. This device has streamlined my work and streamlined my business. I can do more tattooing in the studio because it’s swift, reliable and seamless thermal printing for the stencil - so I can make headway with the tattooing instead.

“This product is part of the future of the industry and can transform the way we tattoo. It’s a marker point in the history of tattooing, as significant as the introduction of single-use needles. It should be a de facto piece of kit for any contemporary tattoo studio, it’s a pioneering product for the industry, cost effective and a thousand times better than existing kit.”

Paul has shared his success with the PJ7 series in a YouTube tutorial as well as a video about the PJ6 range, which has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

“We are proud to stand at the forefront of print and technology and we’re very excited to be supporting the needs of a particularly vibrant vertical market which mirrors many of our own values in terms of creativity, precision and craftsmanship, says Henning Elkjær, Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark).

“Hundreds of European tattoo artists have now made a PJ series mobile thermal printer part of their essential kit and it’s incredibly rewarding for Brother to be playing a defining role in the future of a craft which continues to evolve through a combination of technology and talent.”

Brother’s latest PJ-700 range includes four sleek, black and blue models that print at 300DPI, including the: PJ-723, PJ-763, PJ-763MFI and the flagship machine in the series, the PJ-773.


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