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Brother launches small and smart label printer for the home

The new P-touch Cube, also called PT-P300BT, has Bluetooth that enables it to connect wirelessly to a smartphone, and new types of tape makes it possible to design personal and ornamental labels in many colours and materials. This compact and elegant label printer costs DKK 499 incl. VAT.

It is not only at the office, or the workplace, that you need adhesive labels to identify and label items such as binders, files, boxes, office supplies and DVDs.

Labels can also be of great use in the home. Especially when designed in nice color combinations with photos and symbols, or printed on new materials such as fabric instead of traditional plastic tape.

Brother now introduces its new P-touch CUBE label printer for home use. It is small, practical and comes with a lot of smart features and in a compact and untraditional design.

Wireless connection to your smartphone

P-touch CUBE is Brother’s first label printer with Bluetooth designed for home use. That means that you can forget all about tiresome cables as your labels are designed on - and printed directly from - a smartphone or a tablet.

Brother’s P-touch Design&Print App for iPhone/iPad can be downloaded, free of charge, in Apple’s App Store or for Android units in Google Play Store.

The App contains many smart functions that enable you to create your own decorative labels. Choose between a variety of templates, with or without photos, find your own personal font for label texts and decorate with symbols and frames. The Brother App is trying to make all the hard work designing labels as easy and streamlined for you as possible.

Your creative ability is the only limit
Your creativity is reflected in the materials you use – and the tape you print your labels on. Forget all about the old days when label tape was only available in a few colours and when all labels looked more or less the same.

Today you can choose from a wide variety of different label tapes. One of the latest label tapes from Brother is made of fabric and works well as ribbon on presents and decorations. Tape with a matt surface is also available, for a stylish and discreet finish, or tape with a patterned background with f. instance small hearts, straight lines in silver or geometrical patterns in gold. There is of course also the classical tape on which you have black print on white background, but you can also print in gold on white, gold on pink, gold on navy blue, gold on burgundy etc. You can use these tapes, when you feel the need for personal and festive labelling, for example on gift boxes, gift tags, birthday cards etc. Finally there is strong adhesive tape, that can be used on for instance tool boxes, flower pots, flower boxes, garden tools etc.

Small, smart and fast
P-touch CUBE is small and smart. Its’ white and grey shades makes it fit nicely into all homes, and as it is battery operated you can bring it with you wherever you go. All you need is your smartphone with Brother’s App, as the printing itself is handled wirelessly.

Print quality is 180 dpi and print speed is 20 mm per second. P-touch CUBE has a built-in cutter that cuts the labels in the desired length.

And what do you use a label printer for - in your home?

The answer is probably “almost everything”. For labelling boxes, binders, folders, files, cookie jars, lunch boxes and children’s clothes, boots, sports gear and all sorts of remedies in the home – tools, electronic gadgets, toys etc.

Prices and delivery
Brother P-touch CUBE is ready for sale at Brother’s many dealers.

The price is DKK 499 incl. VAT (DKK 399 ex VAT)

Further information
Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) Henning Elkjær, Brother Nordic A/S, phone 43 31 31 31, e-mail henning.elkjaer@brother.dk
Bomberg PR, phone 22 67 25 27, e-mail leif@bomberg.dk