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Brother launches new label printer developed especially for electricians

The new Brother P-touch PT-E110VP makes it easier, faster and more effective to label electrical fittings so they adhere to the rules and standards in force. The hand held and bright orange coloured label printer costs DKK 399 ex VAT.

Busy electricians are the most obvious buyers of Brother’s professional label printers. They are often in need of durable and crisp labels to document the work they have performed or to identify various cables, pipes and buttons in their installations.

This also applies for electricians, technicians, engineers and servicemen that need to be able to find their way back to the work at hand and do not want to spend too much time finding out what changes they – or their colleague – made during the last visit.

Electricians are the primary target group for Brother’s new hand held label printer, PT-E110VP, which is particularly ergonomic to use and easy to operate. It has a QWERTY-keyboard (like a typewriter) and is made from a solid material suitable for use in building sites and which can withstand the bumps and blows of impassable work places.

P-touch PT-E110VP has had more new safety icons added, so that the total of symbols available for print is now more than 200. Therefore, the newest symbol additions, to labelling and labelling standards, are available on this user friendly and handy label printer.

PT-E110VP uses Brother’s durable and flexible TZe-tape, which is available in many different colours and widths. Labels are printed at a print speed of 20 mm/sec.

Brother’s TZe tape is laminated and withstands moist, light, heat, cold, water and acid. They are adhesive and available for different purposes, f. instance raw surfaces, for certain safety purposes and as Flexi-ID, which can be wrapped around a cable and stick to itself.

A practical function in PT-E110VP is that the user can adjust the length in which a label is printed. That way the label can be perfectly fitted to cables, plugs, sockets, footings and other installations on which it can be placed.

The new Brother PT-E110VP, which is battery operated, contains many improvements compared to the previous generations of label printers. For instance the label ends are split automatically, which makes the labels much easier to handle and place correctly.

Brother PT-E110VP comes with a tape cassette, a net adapter and a carry case.

Prices and delivery

Brother P-touch PT-E110VP is ready at Brother’s many dealers.

PT-E110VP Value Pack is priced at DKK 399 ex VAT (DKK 499 incl. VAT).


Further information

Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) Henning Elkjær, Brother Nordic A/S, phone (45) 43 31 31 31, e-mail henning.elkjaer@brother.dk

or Bomberg PR, phone (45) 22 67 25 27, e-mail leif@bomberg.dk