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Printers can hardly get any handier

Brother is ready with a whole new family of mobile printers. The five new PocketJet PJ-700 models are perfect to everyone who needs to print on the go. No matter if the documents come from a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet. Prices start at DKK 3,499 ex VAT.

The concept of printing-on-the-go gets an entirely new dimension – and a very practical angle – when you see Brother’s new series of A4 mobile printers.

The five new PocketJet 7 models are easy to carry around, and they come with a solid-state rechargeable battery that allows for 600 printouts in A4 size before the battery needs new energy.

Brother PocketJets use a special Direct Thermal printing technology. It provides crisp monochrome printouts, and there is no need to worry about replacement of empty ink cartridges. Both single sheets and paper rolls can be used.

The PocketJet 7 family covers the whole range of printers with USB cable for models with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Apple AirPrint or the new Mopria standard.

New freedom to print
”The new PocketJets do for printers what smartphones and tablets have done for computers and telephones. They detach the devices from their cords and cables”, says Nordic Marketing Manager Henning Elkjaer from Brother Nordic A/S.

Brother also calls it Freedom Architecture for printers: the ability to print no matter where, when and from what device – with Windows, Android or Apple’s iOS.

The new PocketJets work right out of the box. Forget all about plugs, ink cartridges and dirty toners.

Many applications
Brother explains that typical users of PocketJet printers could be service technicians, salespeople, repairmen, transport companies and representatives in the field who need to print contracts, documentation, online information and receipts on site.

PocketJet 7 printers are also ideal for ambulance staff, security officers, fire service, etc. They may need to download and print forms and other information in full A4 format.

In several countries, e.g. Lithuania, the police bring Brother PocketJets in their patrol cars and civilian vehicles and use them to print traffic fines. The violators receive punishment immediately and do not have to wait for weeks before the fine arrives in the mail.

Brother would not disagree that PocketJet 7 could also be interesting to private users with a need to print on the go. Only your imagination, and the fact that the handy new Brother models print in black and white only, can set the limit.

Five models to choose from
The new PocketJet 7 family from Brother has five members, which all come in the same sleek design and handy format of 255 x 55 x 30mm. They weigh app. 610g with battery.

All five have a rechargeable Li-ion battery, and they can all print up to 8 pages per minute.

The differences between the individual models lie in the features and equipment – and whether they print in 200 or 300 dpi resolution.

The Brother PJ-722 and PJ-723 printers only offer USB connection, whereas the PJ-762 and PJ-763 have both USB and Bluetooth.

Top model PJ-773 has USB and Wi-Fi for working with both Apple AirPrint, Brother’s free iPrint&Scan app for iOS and Android as well as the new wireless Mopria standard seen on more and more modern smartphones.

What makes Brother PJ-773 stand out is the printer being able to create its own Wi-Fi network. This means that mobile devices can connect directly to the printer, without the need for a router between them.

Many accessories
Naturally, Brother offer a variety of accessories to facilitate life on the move with a printer.
One example is a Workforce Kit with a specially designed rugged roll case for the PocketJet. The roll case comply with the international IP54 standard and withstands being dropped onto concrete from a height of 1.2m without breaking.
This special roll case also has an anti-curl mechanism to produce absolute flat documents.

Prices and availability
Brother’s new PocketJet 7 series will be available at Brothers many dealers from January 2016. The prices for the individual models are:

PJ-722 with USB and 200dpi, DKK 3,499 ex VAT (DKK 4,374 incl. VAT)
PJ-723 with USB and 300dpi, DKK 3,999 ex VAT (DKK 4,999 incl. VAT)
PJ-762 with USB and Bluetooth, 200dpi, DKK 3,999 ex (DKK 4,999 incl. VAT)
PJ-763 with USB and Bluetooth, 300dpi, DKK 4,599 ex VAT (DKK 5,749 incl. VAT)
PJ-773 with USB and Wi-Fi, 300dpi, DKK 4,999 ex moms (DKK 6,249 incl. VAT)

For more information, please contact
Nordic Marketing Manager Henning Elkjaer, Brother Nordic A/S, phone 43 31 31 31, e-mail: henning.elkjaer@brother.dk
Leif Bomberg, Bomberg PR, phone 22 67 25 27, e-mail: leif@bomberg.
Brother PJ printer mounted in car