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Brother has success with inexpensive solution for online-meetings

Thousands of companies all over the world are now using Brother’s OmniJoin. Both small, medium and large companies. OmniJoin is easy and safe to use and delivers high quality video as well as audio. You do not even need to have an account to participate – just an internet connection, a computer, tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, Brother OmniJoin is a very inexpensive conference system.
Most people relate Brother to printers, all-in-one machines and label printers. Some also know the brand from household sewing machines and sewing machines for the textile industry.

Only very few know that Brother also sell one of the most popular systems for video- and web conferences.

Brother’s OmniJoin solutions have quietly become a solid sales success in many countries all over the world. Primarily because OmniJoin is user friendly, very safe and delivers high quality audio and video at a very low price.

OmniJoin is available in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries, where numerous companies and organisations have adopted Brother’s smart system for online meetings.

The Brother system is scalable and can be used by small-scale users as well as larger organisations with offices and departments in several countries.

OmniJoin is both user friendly and safe
Online-meetings have become every day events for most companies and organisations. Especially if they have branches and employees situated in different locations. In the neighbouring city or far away on the other side of the globe, for that matter.

Online-meetings can improve co-operation, create a better communication between employees, and enhance productivity across teams and locations. Furthermore, you can save a lot of money on the travelling account, if you hold your meetings on computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone, right where you are.

Brother’s OmniJoin system works on the before mentioned platforms and the users do not need an account to participate. An internet connection will suffice.

The enhanced flexibility do not affect security, which can be very important regarding online meetings where secret documents, sensitive data and confidential information of customers, suppliers etc. are shared.

OmniJoin uses a system placed in the Cloud from where all communication is encrypted from user to user. You can even choose between a Public Cloud and a Private Cloud solution. The latter enables you to customise your own high security conference system.

Works on everyting from smartphones to computers
Brother OmniJoin is browser based and easy to use. The host chooses the functions every participant has access to – and then the online meeting can begin after a few seconds of preparation.

The participants can for instance share screens, applications, documents and acceess to media through OmniJoin, no matter where they are situated geographically. They also have access to writing notes, record the meeting, store information in the Cloud, remote control a computer or use a shared whiteboard function.

Video and audio quality are very high. If you experience noise during transmission it is very unlikely that it is due to OmniJoin. Depending on the version of the system you choose, the video quality can be HD in 720 solution or Full HD of 1.080.

OmniJoin enables you to have online meetings with a smartphone or tablet as host. Brother has an app for iPhone or Android where up to four participants can share and present files, see each other’s screens or chat with each other.

OmniJoin is inexpensive for all types of users
Brother’s selection of OmniJoin solutions are as wide and flexible as the system itself.

You can get three types of licenses that cover all from OmniJoin Lite with a max of eight participants over OmniJoin to OmniJoin Pro with up to 50 participants. If you have a need for a custom-made solution this is also possible with OmniJoin Enterprise, where the number of participants easily can be 100 or more.

No matter what you choose, the prise is very competitive. You can buy OmniJoin for a month or as a one-year subscription.

Prices and delivery
OmniJoin solutions can be purchased at select Brother dealers all over the country or you can order directly via Brother’s home page.

One of the OmniJoin versions can also be bought as a physical product: a dvd box with a product key that kan be activated through Brother’s homepage.

The version that covers 30 participants costs DKK 2.799 ex VAT (DKK 3.499 incl. VAT).

Further information
Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) Henning Elkjær, Brother Nordic A/S, phone 43 31 31 31, e-mail henning.elkjaer@brother.dk
Bomberg PR, telefon 22 67 25 27, e-mail leif@bomberg.dk

OmniJoin videos
Brother has three videos that demonstrate how OmniJoin works. Here it is at Kongsberg Maritime in Norway:

Here at Kongsberg Maritime in Noeway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgqH2FmrMtg&index=5&list=PLfxNtWob8lwdJt5DDyE1TYKiKW9Ea22Nr

or at Tinius Olsen in Norway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jOjYaGOaOo&index=6&list=PLfxNtWob8lwdJt5DDyE1TYKiKW9Ea22Nr

or a product video from Japan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHt52mKT92I&list=PLfxNtWob8lwdJt5DDyE1TYKiKW9Ea22Nr&index=3