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Brother scanners receive Kofax certification

Brother regards it as a seal of approval and a valuable sales tool when conquering new customer groups in larger companies with advanced document management systems.

Brother’s latest series of desktop scanners has opened doors to many large companies and organizations that use document management systems and process management systems based on software from Kofax.

The Brother family of advanced scanners consists of the ADS-2400N, ADS-2800W, ADS-3000N and ADS-3600W.

All four of them have been designed to work in busy work environments that need to scan up to 50 sheets or 100 pages per minute in duplex. The scanners can handle up to 5000 sheets per day.

A special tray for 50 sheets makes sure that the Brother scanners can handle very different formats, varying from scans of 5-meter long sheets to credit cards and passport photos.

Kofax opens doors
Kofax is one of the world’s largest suppliers of software for document management, process optimization and electronic data capture.

The company focuses a lot on what they call ”the business-critical First Mile™ of information intensive customer interactions.”*

Even in Denmark, there are several consultancies that specialize in solutions based on Kofax software.

”The Kofax certification underlines that Brother’s desktop scanners are among the best on the market. They can be integrated into most document management processes. Even the more extensive ones, which are used by large companies,” explains Henning Elkjær, Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) for Brother Nordic A/S.

The new certification shows, among other things, that Brother’s scanners are fully compatible with Kofax VirtualReScan®, Elite 5.1 and Kofax Express 3.1 software.

They ensure an improved precision in optic character recognition (OCR) and shorten the document handling time.

Four powerful scanners
The scanners live up to Brother’s long-standing reputation for producing the most stable, user-friendly and reliable printers on the market.

Depending on the model, the scanners can be connected to wireless network (Wi-Fi Direct™), via a USB connection or over a GigE interface for fast cable network. They can even work independently – without the use of a computer.

They can scan directly to a USB stick and it is possible to lock their touchscreens if necessary for security reasons. The largest model, the ADS-3600W, even has NFC (Near Field Communication) for wireless identification of users.

It is possible to create user profiles on all four scanners, so that all you need to do is push a button and the scan is sent to the right recipient automatically.

Prices and delivery
Brother’s professional desktop scanners are ready for sale at Brother’s many Danish dealers.

The ADS-2400N scans 30 pages per minute (double-sided), offers USB and GigE connection to cable based network, and costs DKK 2,499 excl. VAT (DKK 3,124 incl. VAT).
The ADS-2800W also scans 30 pages per minute (double-sided), but it does also have Wi-Fi and a large lockable touchscreen of 9.3 cm. The price is DKK 3,399 excl. VAT (DKK 4,249 incl. VAT).

The ADS-3000N scans 50 pages per minute and has USB and GigE cable network at the price of DKK 4,999 kr. excl. VAT (DKK 6,249 incl. VAT).

The ADS-3600W offers the same speed as the ADS-3000N plus Wi-Fi and a lockable touchscreen of 9.3 cm. It costs DKK 5,599 excl. VAT (DKK 6,999 incl. VAT).

*That means that they emphasize the first the initial information-intensive interactions an individual has with an organization—and strive to make them simple, fast and error-free.

Further information
Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) Henning Elkjær, Brother Nordic A/S, phone (45) 43 31 31 31, e-mail henning.elkjaer@brother.dk
Bomberg PR/Pure PR, phone (45) 22 67 25 27, e-mail leif@bomberg.dk
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