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Brother glasses with screen make work more efficient

The latest edition of Brother’s characteristic AiRScouter has a more flexible frame and a better transparent mini screen. AiRScouter costs DKK 15.999 ex VAT.

Brother is primarily known for producing printers and all-in-one machines for a large audience – both in the business world as well as the modern home office.

Some may also know that Brother is among the world’s largest manufacturers of sewing machines – for the clothing industry as well as for private homes.

Or that Brother offers internet-based conference systems, that are among the most advanced and user-friendly on the market.

What is not so commonly known is that Brother has a very creative development department in Japan. A department that places Brother among the 100 most innovative* companies in the world every year.

This is where Brother’s AiRScouter glasses come from.

They have been under development for some years now and have recently been launched in a new and improved version which has been released on the Danish market as well.

Many fields of application
Brother’s AiRScouter has a small screen that, for instance, service engineers and factory workers can wear while doing work that demand great precision. Also, at the moment a special AirScouter is being developed for medical use.

The screen can display diagrams of compounds or drawings and texts from manuals.

As the display is transparent, the wearer can see the instructions as well as the objects he or she is working with behind the display.

AiRScouter is used in produktion, logistics, for educational purposes and for training. Users will soon discover that they become more effective and precise, when they have all information within sight and do not need to flip through paper-based manuals or switch position between computer and work field all the time.

As something new, AiRScouter can work with cameras that for instance are placed on flying drones.

Emergency services, police, military and security services are enabled to monitor two places at the same time – one via the small screen on AirScouter. At the same time, the glasses can be expanded so that you can remote control the drone and the camera directly from them.
Improved quality
Overall, the new Brother AiRScouter WD-200B has become more comfortable to wear and has a more flexible headband than the previous models.

The small transparent LCD- screen can display images in HD quality (1.280 x 720) and the user can vary focus from 30 cm to 5 meters, ungraduated, by turning a button on the side.

AIRScouter is compatible with both computers, tablets, smartphones and cameras. Communication is conducted via HMDI plugs and cables.

The glasses weigh approximately 145 kilograms and receive power from a Li-ion battery, which runs approximately four hours on a charging.

AiRScouter can be adapted to its’ carrier and of course you can get frames that fit the screen in front of the right or the left eye respectively.

*According to Thomson Reuters’ annual Top-100 list over ”The World’s Most Innovative Organisations.”

Prices and delivery

Brother’s AIRScouter WD-200B is selling at DKK 15.999 ex VAT (DKK 19.999 incl. VAT).

Further information
Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) Henning Elkjær, Brother Nordic A/S, phone 43 31 31 31, e-mail henning.elkjaer@brother.dk
Bomberg PR/Pure PR, phone 22 67 25 27, e-mail leif@bomberg.dk