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Two new Brother scanners at budget-friendly prices

Brother ADS-2400N and ADS-2800W are perfectly suited for small and medium-sized offices that require daily scanning of documents and photos. The difference between the two lies primarily in the networks in which they operate. Both can scan up to 30 pages per minute.

Although the paperless office has been predicted for 20 years or longer, the reality today is that we continue to use large quantities of paper.

And when transforming the many paper documents and images from analogue to digital form, it requires scanners.

Therefore, very few companies today can do without a good scanner in the office, in the warehouse or at the reception for scanning e.g. incoming letters.

Naturally, this includes small and medium-sized companies in both the private and public sectors, too.

Brother’s new ADS-2400N and ADS-2800W desktop scanners aim at precisely this large group of IT users.

They typically refuse to pay a small fortune for a scanner, but on the other hand, they do have requirements for both scanning speed and scan quality.


The budget friendly ADS-2400N
Brother ADS-2400N is a compact and robust desktop scanner for IT environments with wired network.

The easily operated scanner handles up to 30 pages per minute. A 50 sheets automatic feeder allows multiple users to use the ADS-2400N at the same time.

Via the network, scanned documents can be shared with individuals, groups or entire departments served by the Brother scanner.

Brother ADS-2400N offers scanning from a wide range of media – from paper thicknesses between 40 and 413g to embossed plastic cards such as credit cards and ID cards.

The more advanced ADS-2800W
Brother ADS-2800W has the same specifications as the 2400N model but is more flexible and offers more advanced operation via a large 9.3cm touch display.

The ADS-2800W can be connected to both wireless and wired networks in the Gigabit class and directly to the PC via USB.

Like all members of Brother’s new desktop scanner family, the ADS-2800W works with Brother’s free iPrint&Scan app, which is available for Apple iPhone and iPad along with smartphones and tables from Android

Furthermore, Brother ADS-2800W can scan directly to an e-mail server, Microsoft Office or popular cloud services such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Evernote or OneNote.


Brother ADS-2800w