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Scan to Office - makes your life easier


Many Brother’s scanners and multifunction printers have the handy feature that you can scan a document and then edit it in either Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint. That means that you do not need to create a new document, enter again or move content manually, instead you can work directly with the content that has been scanned into the selected Office application.

Keep track of the numbers
Imagine for example an invoice, price list or another piece of paper with many numbers. Now you can avoid having to enter all data as they via the "Scan to Office” application can be sent to your mail as editable Excel file. It is quick, simple and effective. Therefore, several auditors, accountants and others who work with numbers, have become aware of the opportunities that Brother offers regarding scan and the time saved.

Easy to convert both text and image
With Scan to Office, you can also scan a letter, an article or any other text, and then it can be edited in Word. You can also scan a presentation to PowerPoint and edit it afterwards. If there is a picture in the documents you scan, they are automatically saved as individual JPEG files that can be moved or deleted from the new document.

How does it work?
• Load the sheet into the scanner
• Select "Scan for Office”
• Select ”Excel ", " Word " or " PowerPoint "
• Enter your email address (required only the first time)
• Look in your inbox

What happens is, that the scanned sheets are sent to Brother’s Cloud, which formats the text into an editable Office file. Then it is sent to the entered e-mail address as an attachment - ready to work in.

What does it cost?
Brother has decided to make it free for our customers. Therefore this option is free of charge, whether you're scanning daily or less frequently. The only investment you need to make is the purchase of the scanner or multifunction printer

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