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PDF’s that can more


Two ingenious and practical extra features that come with many of the Brother’s scanners and multifunction printers are, "Scan to searchable PDF" and "Scan to secure PDF". They have been designed to make life easier for you and they are very easy to use.

Scan to searchable PDF
When you select this option, you have the subsequent option to do a search in the PDF. For instance if you are scanning an insurance policy of 20 pages, and then want to read about the conditions of moisture damage, you can search through the entire document by selecting the "search" function in the PDF program. Then you will get a quick overview of the places in the policy, where moisture damage is mentioned. This ability to scan searchable PDFs are extremely practical and time saving when working with large documents.

Scan to secure PDF
If you scan a document that is confidential, you can lock it using a 4-digit code that the receiver needs to know in order to get access to read the document. The code ensures that the information is 100% safe, since only the ones you have given it to can open and read the document. If you handle confidential information on a daily basis, f. instance legal documents, board minutes and contracts, this is a good way to ensure that there is no unauthorized access to the information in the documents.

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