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Brother’s desktop scanner ADS-3600W has received an A-list award

The British computer magazine PC Pro has tested Brother’s desktop scanner ADS-3600W and given it five out of five stars.

Their review says:

ADS-3600W has all the features that an SMB needs in a scanner. It features a high scanning speed of 50 pages per minute, effective ADF for 50 sheets and is able to meet scanning needs of up to 5,000 sheets per day.

"A prize scanning package – fast and versatile, with cloud support, at a price SMBs will love.”

PC Pro observes that ADS-3600W’s paper handling is highly creditable and its’ claimed 50ppm scan speed is perfectly achievable. It also handles various formats without major difficulties, although credit card, as long as they are scanned with the short side down.

They also find that the scanner is easy to connect. It has both wired and wireless networks, and it supports NFC, so you can connect to a compatible mobile device with a single click. It can scan to e-mail, e-mail server, file, photo, Network, OCR, SharePoint, USB, FTP / SFTP, WS scan, Apps, printer, searchable PDF and Cloud. The available cloud services include Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneNote, Evernote and Box. - PC Pro used Brother's Web Connect portal to create a Dropbox and Google Drive account, and it took less than two minutes.

PC Pro concluded in their review of the machine: “The ADS-3600’s speed and output quality are impressive, as it cloud support – and the price is very tempting indeed, making this our SMB desktop scanner of choice.”

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