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Brother is one of the world's 100 most innovative companies

For the third year in a row, Brother has joined the good company on Thomson Reuters' highly respected Top 100 list of "The World's Most Innovative Organizations". And Brother, which is best known for its printers, meets some of the world's most famous companies from different industries and trades there.


When you buy a new printer from Brother or if you work daily with one of Brother's

popular all-in-one printers, fax machines and labelling machines, you probably don't think about how many world-class innovative ideas, such a machine can hold.


From time to time, Brother promotes its groundbreaking technologies, but most important for Brother is basically for its customers worldwide to have products that work well day after day and meet the strictest requirements for re-cycling and eco-friendliness.


Fortunately, many have discovered Brother's qualities and even praise Brother for its inventiveness and innovation ability.


Thomson Reuters, the large international media group, is one of them, and for the third year in a row they place Brother among the world's 100 most innovative companies.


On Thomson Reuters' Top 100 list Brother meets many world-famous companies from various sectors and industries. Japan alone has 27 on the list – and Brother is one of them.


Discrete innovations

When it comes to innovation, Brother may not be the manufacturer that most people associate with the world's absolute top.

Many of Brother's new ideas are namely hidden "under the skin" of the company's products and are therefore a natural part of the whole. This can be seen in e.g. Brother's groundbreaking Print 3.0 generation of all-in one printers that have been adopted A3 prints in many businesses and homes.


"We consider our ranking on the Thomson Reuters Top 100 list as an appreciation of our creative ideas and products. It's hard to qualify for the list on which only the world's most innovative companies are ranked," says Nordic Marketing Manager Henning Elkjaer from Brother Nordic A/S.


U.S. and Japan dominate the list

Thomson Reuters rates the companies by their ability to obtain patents and using them as well as their positive attitude towards development of new technology.


Within these disciplines American and Japanese companies are clearly the best in the world. The U.S. is represented with 45 companies on the Thomson Reuters list of "Top 100 Global Innovators".


Europe lags far behind. France is represented with 12 innovative companies, Germany with only three, Switzerland four, Sweden two and the Netherlands only one .


For more information please contact
Nordic Marketing Manager Henning Elkjaer, Brother Nordic A/S, phone 43 31 31 31, e-mail: henning.elkjaer@brother.dk


Leif Bomberg, Sylvester Hvid PR, phone 38 32 22 30, e-mail lb@shc.

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