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Brother makes it possible for electricians to print labels from their smartphone

Brother launches free apps that combine labelling with modern, wireless technology and common symbols, which can be collected from the “cloud”. Brother also has a hand-held labelling machine with WI-FI for electricians.   


Brother has launched mobile apps for design, storage and print of both new and old types of labels, which makes labelling of cables and leads much easier.

Brother is one of the leading manufacturers of labelling machines, so it is only natural that Brother leads the way, when it comes to developing apps for labelling.

The Brother cable labelling app is targeted electricians and engineers and has been designed to create long-lasting labels for electrical or datacom installations.


Apps that will make your job easier

The Mobile Cable Label Tool app makes it easy to incorporate the company logo on cables and leads, and gives you access to a library containing electrical symbols and the newest design patterns, which are stored online in the “cloud”.

This unique electrician app is initially compatible with the hand-held P-touch E550WSP Brother labelling machine with WIFI. The PT-E550WSP is targeted electricians.

The Mobile Transfer Express app makes it possible to transfer label patterns, databases, images from the cloud or an e-mail attachment to Brother P-touch labelling printers PT-E550VP, PT-E550WSP, TD-2120N, TD-2130N and RJ-4040.

Both apps are free and compatible with Android and Apple iOS operating system.


A labelling machine with WI-FI

P-touch E550WSP is up until now the largest labelling printer for electricians. It is hand-held, has WI-FI and is compatible with the Mobile Cable Label Tool app and the Mobile Transfer Express app.

Brother PT-E550WSP has a large, backlit display and an automatic label cutter with half cut. As something new the P-touch E550WSP is able to print labels from 3.5 mm to 24 mm in width and creates labels that help address ANSI/EIA/TIA-606A/B and that meet the UL-969 standards.

The PT-E550WSP is PC connectable with USB cable or Wi-Fi or ready to print on from your smartphone or tablet with the Brother cable labelling app.

The communication goes through the free Brother iPrint&Label app, the Mobile Cable Label Tool or the Mobile Transfer Express. Wireless print is possible without using an access point.

Brother PT-E550WSP makes it easy to create long-lasting and readable labels ensuring cables, wires, distribution boards and panels are clearly identified.

The campaign model PT-E550WSP comes with an AC adapter, a Li-ion rechargeable battery, four tape cassettes, an USB cable, a wrist strap and a carry case. The campaign period runs from September until November, where the model is on campaign at a special price.      


Tape for all purposes

Brother offers a wide variety of tapes.

The Brother standard tape are the laminated P-touch TZe-types, which are available in many different colours and sizes.

Brothers unique laminated tape technology means that a layer of PET (polyester film) is coated over the text to protect it from possible external damage. The result is a virtually indestructible label, which are able to withstand harsh environments like hot temperatures, sunlight, rain, humidity and are therefore perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Furthermore, specialist tapes for industrial use have been developed for specific labelling tasks such as heat shrink tube, strong adhesive tape, flexible tape, security tape and neon tape.  


Prices and availability

P-touch E550WSP is available at Brother's many dealers.

The P-touch E550WSP costs during the campaign period DKK 999 excl. VAT (DKK 1.249 incl. VAT)

The Mobile Cable Label Tool and Mobile Transfer Express apps are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Both apps are free.


For more information, please contact

Nordic Marketing Manager Henning Elkjaer, Brother Nordic A/S, phone 43 31 31 31, e-mail: henning.elkjaer@brother.dk


Bomberg PR, phone 22 67 25 27, e-mail: leif@bomberg.dk