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Now it has become easier to create labels

Brother has made it even easier to create durable and high quality labels with the free iPrint&Label-app.

Using Brother's iPrint&Label-app you can design and print labels directly from your iOS- and Android-unit without installation of printerdrivers. Connect your mobile unit to the same wireless network as your label printer and you are ready to print.  

You can design your own labels using the many funcctions of the app, you can use one of the pre-designed templates or you can archive the labels you print often, so they are easy to access.

No matter if you design your own labels or use one of the many templates, you are also able to transfer images, logos, barcodes and other graphic symbols directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Brother's iPrint&Label-app makes it easy to design nice and durable labels to meet your individual needs. Read more here.