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Brother presents portable printers with great tolerance

Brother's new RJ-3050 and RJ-3150 printers are true workhorses for printing e.g. tags, labels and receipts almost everywhere and even at low and high temperatures or humidity extremes. The printers are suitable for the many different tasks of busy sales people, warehouse staff, emergency staff, etc.

When people hear the word printer, they usually think of a little "gray" box for printing the office's many documents day in and day out ‒ of a home all-rounder offering colour printing, scanning and photocopy or sometimes they mention shops having printers for printing labels, receipts, etc.

However, printers are much more than that. They are also faithful workhorses which service people, warehouse staff or sales people carry around all day
or they are placed in taxis, emergency vehicles and delivery vehicles.

Brother has a large sale of these special printers and recently had an addition to the family with two new models, the RJ-3050 and RJ-3150.

Both new Brother models are portable, rugged and particularly useful for printing receipts and labels on the go.

Brother also state that the big brother of the two new models, the RJ-4040, has been upgraded and is now the world's first portable printer with built-in Apple AirPrint™ compatibility.

Quick and hardy
The RJ letters in the two new Brother models stand for "RuggedJet" and indicate that the printers can withstand a good deal.

Thus, the RJ-3050 easily tolerates a fall of 1.2 meters
‒ from e.g. the user's lap and down on a hard floor. The slightly more expensive RJ-3150 even withstands 1.8 meters.

Brother uses the so-called "direct thermal technology" in its portable printers. They manage without ink or toner and work fine at temperatures from 0 to 50 degrees and in humidity up to 90 percent - without forming condensation.

Versatile and flexible
Brother RJ-3050 and RJ-3150 print at a speed of almost 13 cm per second (5") on paper widths up to 72 mm (3"). That makes them the fastest of their kind.

They both offer wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, USB connectivity and a solid Li-ion battery. Furthermore, the RJ-3150 comes with colour display and dispenser.

The printers can be carried, placed on a table or mounted in e.g. a car. The software can be integrated with Apple iOS or Android apps.

The RJ-3050 weighs 610 grams and the RJ-3150 around 680 grams. They can be customised with a wide range of accessories.

Prices and delivery
The two new portable RJ printers will be available at Brother's dealers from xx November.
Brother RJ-3050 will typically cost DKK 2,399 ex VAT (DKK 2,999 incl. VAT).
Brother RJ-3150 will be priced at DKK 3,999 ex VAT (DKK 4,999 incl. VAT).

For more information please contact
Nordic Marketing Manager Henning Elkjaer, Brother Nordic A/S, phone 43 31 31 31, e-mail: henning.elkjaer@brother.dk